Podcaster Joe Rogan took shots at large tech companies by referring to them as "mentally ill" and "lunatics who are running the asylum to a certain extent."

The bold comment came during Rogan's interview Wednesday with Antonio Garcia Martinez, an ex-engineer at Apple and Facebook on his podcast. During the podcast, Rogan called out Silicon Valley tech companies for being more serious about being activists than focusing on their actual jobs.

Rogan said that the higher-up bosses at these companies "have to placate" the workers "because they're a certain percentage of the population that works for the company, and they're the loudest, and they oftentimes don't get work done."

Rogan has recently been criticizing tech companies over how some platforms censor what may be considered controversial content. Spotify was under pressure to drop Rogan after various artists took themselves off its platform to avoid affiliation with him.

As for Martinez, he has also courted controversy, and was fired by Apple over alleged misogynistic comments in his book, "Chaos Monkeys."

During the podcast episode, the two spoke about how these companies may be taking certain things too far, and Martinez even went on to slam Facebook as "kind of like a cult."

"Facebook was a cult, and I joined it, and I was a happy member of it. It was very powerful. Everyone sacrificed themselves for the sake of the empire and its emperor," Martinez said. He also noted how it's a "campus lifestyle" where they “do your laundry for you and feed you.”