• Joel Osteen will be joined by Kanye West, Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry on Easter Sunday
  • Kanye West, Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry will perform remotely for Joel Osteen's virtual Easter Sunday service
  • Kanye West and Taylor Swift's unedited phone conversation leaked

Joel Osteen will be joined by Kanye West, Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry on his virtual Easter Sunday service.

Osteen is still pursuing a big event for his Easter service despite the coronavirus outbreak. The American pastor invited the “Stronger” rapper, the “We Belong Together” songstress and the “Father Can You Hear Me” crooner to join him for his virtual Easter service. The three are expected to perform remotely.

An insider told TMZ that Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston will have West, Carey and Perry deliver messages of love and support to his massive audience. Carey will be part of a special tribute dedicated to medical professionals and first responders who put their lives at risk amid the battle against COVID-19. The celebrity mom will reportedly be singing her hit song “Hero” via webcam.

Meanwhile, Perry will be sharing words of encouragement to the viewers. Kim Kardashian’s husband will sing with the choir to provide music for the service. Insiders claimed that West and his Sunday Service crew will perform in L.A. and it will be televised over Osteen’s megachurch feed.

However, it remains unclear if Carey, West and Perry’s performances will be live or pre-recorded. Despite the concern, the upcoming Easter Sunday service will be the most star-studded church event amid the pandemic.

West’s unedited phone conversation with Taylor Swift has resurfaced. In the clip, the “I Love It” singer informs the “Reputation” artist to promote his new song when he drops it. He also tells Swift that he mentioned her in the lyrics.

“Taylor Swift might owe me sex,” West raps the lyrics in the video to the “Blank Space” singer who just laughs and says that it’s not mean. However, West changed the lyric when he released the song and called Swift a “b——” in the track. Swift reacted and insisted that she never gave him the permission to call her that way.

Kardashian insisted that Swift was aware of the lyrics. However, the recording showed that while West informed Swift, he did not tell her the truth because the lyric of the song was different from what he told Swift during their phone call.

Twitter users backed Swift with the hashtag “#TaylorToldTheTruth.” Several also said that 2020 is the year when West and Amber Heard were exposed and Swift and Johnny Depp were vindicated.

Joel Osteen
American preacher Joel Osteen fills his social media pages with inspirational quotes, which can be shared for Good Friday and Easter. Getty Images