John Legend got candid about his romance with wife, Chrissy Teigen.

Legend and Teigen are among one of the most adorable celebrity couples. They married in 2013 and have been together for almost a decade. However, when it comes to their romance, it was not a bed of roses all the time. In fact, there was a time when the "All of Me" singer almost dumped the model.

"I was really stressed and busy," Legend told The Guardian. "I was just like: 'I'd just be happier single right now,' and she was like: 'No.'"

Legend added that their brief split only lasted for less than an hour. Then, they started dating again. The "Love Me Now" singer added that the "Lip Sync Battle" host pushes him to be "funnier." "Not because she's trying to, I think it's just being around her. And to be bolder," Legend explained.

After Legend's interview, Teigen reacted and even tweeted about it. "11 years later, baby, " she wrote on Twitter with a laughing emoticon. In another tweet, Teigen explained their short split.

According to the "FABlife" host, it was not a typical breakup. Teigen described her then-boyfriend and now-husband as being "whiny" so she didn't agree with him.

Teigen and Legend had a lavish wedding ceremony in 2013 in Lake Como, Italy. Prior to their extravagant wedding, the pair already exchanged "I Dos" in a secret and low-key courthouse in New York City, E! News reported.

On their big day in Italy, Teigen had three wedding dresses. "Every time I went in [to Vera Wang] for a fitting, I couldn't stop getting one," the celebrity exclaimed.

Teigen first wore an ivory strapless open back with V-neck ball gown lifted tulle skirt and a tiered flange on the wedding ceremony. She changed into a mermaid ivory gown with micro-pleated bodice and sheared organza full skirt for the reception. Then she changed into her third gown, a crimson strapless mermaid gown for the after party.

In related news, Legend also opened up about using IVF to help Teigen conceive their daughter. The couple wishes to have more babies in the future using the same process.

"I wouldn't say we can't conceive naturally, but I would say that it's enough of a challenge where it felt like we needed help," Legend told Cosmopolitan. "We're lucky that we're living in an age where we can conceive in other ways. [IVF] brought us Luna and hopefully, it will bring us a few more awesome kids, too."

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are pictured at the White Party Dinner Hosted on Sept. 5, 2014 at the Bocelli Residence in Forte dei Marme, Italy. Getty Images/Andrew Goodman