John Legend has criticized President Donald Trump yet again, calling him "terrible." The comments came before his performance at the Time 100 gala Tuesday in New York City. The "All of Me" singer trashed Trump on the red carpet.

Legend has been quite vocal in the past about his political beliefs. The singer said referring to Trump: "I think he’s a terrible president. Manifestly unqualified, not curious, not good at legislating or anything that his job requires, doesn’t have any depth about any subject."

"He’s also using the office of the presidency as a way to make money for himself with his businesses so he’s corrupt. I can’t say anything nice about the guy, I think he’s one of the worst people I’ve ever encountered in public life," Legend added.

Earlier this month, during an interview with the Independent, Legend had said that Trump will be impeached before he completes his first term.

"I think he’s already done enough to be impeached," the Grammy-winning "Darkness and Light" singer said. "Now it’s just a matter of when Congress has the guts to do it. And it may not happen until after 2018, but it may happen sooner if enough evidence is presented against him."

During the Time 100 Gala, Tuesday, Legend was asked about Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama’s upcoming speech at an event, which will be hosted by investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald LP. Obama would be reportedly earning $400,000 for his keynote speech at the event. The singer declined to compare the current and the former presidents of the United States.

"I think it's a silly distinction," he said. "He was never against Wall Street. The Dodd-Frank law and the other things (Obama) did were to regulate Wall Street so that they wouldn't cheat the American people and they wouldn't destroy the financial system again. And he did that, and he can still get paid to show up and speak somewhere."

Earlier in January, during his Producers Guild of America Awards speech, Legend criticized Trump’s travel ban saying: "Our vision of America is directly antithetical to that of President Trump." He added: "I want to specifically tonight reject his vision and affirm that America has to be better than that."

Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen has also been vocal about her criticism of the president. Teigen frequently directs tweets toward Trump. In February, Trump tweeted saying: "We must keep 'evil' out of our country!” to which Teigen responded: "What time should we call your Uber?"