• Twitter users want Johnny Depp to join Margot Robbie's "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie
  • Some netizens said they won't watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" without Depp
  • Depp's fans have started a petition requesting Disney to bring him back into the franchise

Johnny Depp’s fans want him to reprise his roles as Jack Sparrow in the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie with Margot Robbie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie is in the works with Robbie leading the project. Upon learning about the new film, fans took to Twitter to congratulate Robbie and share their sentiments on bringing Depp back into the franchise.

Disney dropped Depp from the franchise following his ex-wife Amber Heard’s allegations that he was abusive and violent. Earlier this year, an audio recording of Heard confessing that she hit Depp and started their fight leaked. Several shifted their support from the “Aquaman” star to the “Fantastic Beast” actor.

“Very happy for Margot Robbie on landing the Pirates of the Caribbean movie! She’s gonna kill it!” Vincent Marcus, a social media star and impressionist, wrote on Twitter.

“But can we agree that Johnny Depp should still play Jack Sparrow because his lying [explicit] ex wife fabricated stories about being abused and almost ruined his life?”

Several agreed with Marcus’ tweet. Many other Twitter users want to see Depp back in the franchise. Others even said they won’t watch the movie without Depp.

“Couldn't agree more. The fact that they were considering her still for ‘Aquaman’ has my knickers in a twist. If she had been a man, her career would have been over long ago,” @NettlesBrewer commented.

“It's absolutely ridiculous. I won't be watching that trash. Johnny Depp made Pirates of the Caribbean,” @passionflower92 added.

“Johnny is Pirates of the Caribbean, it reached to all generations because of him. He still becomes Jack Sparrow to make sick chidren happy. Disney should bring back Jack Sparrow to Johnny and let him be the lead in a new movie!. #NoJohnnyNoPirates,” @Mione48 wrote.

“Hell yes. Jack IS the franchise. #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp,” another added.

Earlier this year, one netizen started an online petition urging Disney to bring Depp back into the franchise. The petition has already received over 33,000 signatures.

“I want to keep Johnny Depp as jack sparrow because he made the films extra fun and I just can’t think about a pirates 6 without Johnny Depp,” one supporter commented.

“There is only one person who could be Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny was demonized by Hollywood and the media and wrongly accused, no one gave him a chance, now it has been proven that he is innocent, he should be reinstated in his iconic role,” Marika Dolinsky from Australia added.

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp, pictured July 17, 2013 in Tokyo, has a reported net worth of $200 million. That might change after he talked about assassinating President Donald Trump. Photo: Getty Images