Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, seen here in 2015, traded bitter claims before a global audience
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, seen here in 2015, traded bitter claims before a global audience AFP / TIZIANA FABI


  • Johnny Depp's ex-wife Lori Anne Allison appeared on "Popcorned Planet"
  • Allison said she found Amber Heard nice and gorgeous when she first met her
  • Allison said she broke down many times and felt bad for Depp after what Heard did

Johnny Depp's ex-wife, Lori Anne Allison, was happy for him after he won his legal battle with Amber Heard.

Allison, who was married to Depp from 1983 to 1985, appeared on "Popcorned Planet" for an interview, where she shared her thoughts about Depp and Heard's legal battle. Last year, the jury sided with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, agreeing that she defamed him in her 2018 op-ed published in Washington Post.

In the interview, host Andy Signore asked Allison how she felt when "she who shall not be named," referring to Heard, brought up her allegations against Depp.

"I had met her before. I mean, I had been to parties at his house, and she seemed really nice. And she was gorgeous, and what's not to love?" Allison said, per Fox News Digital. "But as the time went by, and I would hear things about her, she who shall not be named — he didn't seem too happy all the time. I didn't see him a lot, so I can't really say."

As for the televised trial, Allison admitted that it was hard for her to witness it. She said there were times she cried because she knew how "private" Depp was, and she understood that it was also not easy for him.

"I just — the things that affected me more were the things he said in court. I probably broke down several times because I felt really bad for him," Allison said. "You know, he's very private, which is why I don't do interviews. He's very private. And I think for him to come out so wholeheartedly was what he really needed to do. And I thought it was either going to be an epic train wreck or it was going to go really well."

Allison said she would call Depp's pal, Isaac Baruch, who testified on his behalf, to check about the progress of the trial. Baruch would assure her, telling he,r "We're going to win this," and she would "hang up the phone and walk around crying because I was terrified for him."

Allison acknowledged that she wasn't an "angel" before expressing her disapproval of what Heard did to their ex-husband.

"I'm no angel, I've done my share of s---ty things to people, but what she did was absolutely horrific. And if there were things that I could do to her that were legal, I would do them. I would," she explained. "I think it would've killed him — well, maybe not — but it just broke my heart that somebody could do that to him."

During Depp's testimony, he said, "My goal is the truth." He explained that "it killed me" to endure his tarnished reputation, so he decided to stand up for himself from Heard's allegations that he abused her.

"Since I knew there was no truth to it whatsoever, I felt it my responsibility to stand up not only for myself in that instance but stand up for my children, who at the time were 14 and 16," Depp explained.

"I didn't want any of those people to believe that I had done them wrong or lied to them or that I was a fraud. I pride myself on honesty. Truth is the only thing I'm interested in," he added.

At the time, the "Fantastic Beasts" actor added that Heard's false claims did not just ruin his career but destroyed his reputation, adding that he lost "nothing less than everything." Depp considered himself a loser regardless of the outcome of the trial the moment the false allegations against him spread.

"When the allegations were made [and] rapidly circulating the globe, telling people that I was a drunken, cocaine-fueled menace who beat women suddenly in my 50s... no matter the outcome of this trial, the second the allegations were made against me [and] turned into fodder for the media... I lost then," Depp said.

"I lost because that is not a thing that anyone is [going to] put on your back for a short period of time. I will live with that for the rest of my life. Because of the allegations [and] because it was such a high-profile case, I lost then no matter the outcome of the trial... It never had to happen, and I don't quite understand why it did in the way that it did."

Johnny Depp brought a multimillion dollar defamation case against his former wife Amber Heard