• An intruder broke into Johnny Depp’s mansion in Hollywood
  • The man made himself at home by drinking the actor’s booze
  • He was taking a shower when the police arrived at Depp’s property

A man recently broke into Johnny Depp’s Hollywood mansion and stayed there comfortably before police were able to capture him.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ Sunday that the intruder made himself at home after breaking into the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star’s house. He allegedly found his way to Depp’s alcohol stash and concocted a drink to enjoy while staying there.

Depp’s security team was alerted that someone managed to trespass the mansion, and so the cops were quickly called to the scene. When the police arrived, they found the man taking a shower and the latter even refused to come out. This led the authorities to just kick down the door.

The intruder, whose identity is still unknown, was booked for felony vandalism after police noticed a damaged door in Depp’s home. The police report indicated that Depp was not at risk at the time of the crime, Page Six has learned.

Before the intruder was nabbed, one of Depp’s neighbors had called the cops after spotting a stranger hanging out in his backyard near the pool. When he confronted the seemingly homeless man, the latter quickly took off by hopping a gate.

The incident comes two months after a female intruder also managed to break into Depp’s mansion in January. At the time, the property’s security system was also alerted and so the police were quickly called to the scene.

The would-be burglar was arrested even though she initially managed to get away. Apparently, she got scared after hearing the alarm system that she immediately took off, but authorities still found her nearby, and she was connected to another burglary incident back then.

Meanwhile, the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” actor is still engaged in the legal battle that involves his controversial ex-girlfriend Amber Heard. Depp is now seeking to overturn the ruling in his libel case against The Sun.

Depp’s lawyers said at the Court of Appeals in London earlier this week that Heard’s pledge to donate her $7 million divorce settlement to charity “subliminally” influenced the verdict. The actor also did not believe his ex’s words and called her pledge a “calculated and manipulative lie,” as per People.

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