Having to stay home didn’t stop Ciara and Russell Wilson from making their daughter’s third birthday special. Sienna’s day was filled with activities and she even received a video call from pop star JoJo Siwa on Tuesday.

Ciara shared a screenshot from the chat on her Instagram story thanking the “#1U” singer for reaching out. Siwa can be seen wearing elaborate eye makeup and rocking her pink bow.

“Thank you for the bday call @JoJoSiwa! Sienna was so happy to see you [ pink heart emoji, cake with candles emoji]”

However, the festivities didn’t end there. The couple decorated their home with Disney’s “Frozen” balloons and paraphernalia for a “Frozen” Party. Sienna also got to build her own snowman using marshmallows and pretzel sticks.

Ciara also shared a photo in her story of her pampering her daughter with a pedicure. Furthermore, she shared several candids of Sienna on her main page.


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She wrote: “Our Princess Sienna turns 3 today! I’m so happy. Never imagined I could have a bond like what we have with my little girl. She lights up the world! #HappyBirthday Mommy’s little Princess [pink hearts emoji]”

Wilson shared pictures from Sienna’s birthday on his Instagram page as well. He shared a photo of her laughing while dressed in a “Frozen” princess gown on Wednesday.


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He wrote: “Pure Joy. Pure Love.

Baby girl is 3! [red heart emoji] “

As previously reported, Ciara is currently pregnant with their second child, which they announced in January. Furthermore, the “Level Up” star shares a 5-year-old son, Future Jr. Zahir Wilburn, with rapper and ex-fiancé Future.

During an interview with PureWow in November, the entertainer revealed that the bond she has with her children has had a major impact on her life.

“Motherhood has just shown me there’s really nothing we can’t do as women,” she explained. “I feel really empowered having my kids in my life. By far, my greatest accomplishment is having them...I really do believe that my kids have leveled up my life. It’s made me more responsible, more patient, even more compassionate for others...They make me go hard.”

JoJo Siwa
Pictured: Jojo Siwa Celebrates Her Birthday at Walmart and unveils her New Line of Consumer Products on May 19, 2017 in Rogers, Arkansas. Getty Images/Wesley Hitt