• Jon Hamm met Prince William and Kate Middleton at the premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick" in London
  • The actor said that there are rules to follow when meeting the royal family
  • Hamm said his encounter with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was "exciting" and "a very good experience"

Jon Hamm talked about his close encounter with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Hamm, 51, met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge face-to-face at the London premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick" earlier this month. According to him, there were rules to follow when around the royal family members.

"It's a little anxiety-producing because they give you these rules that you're meant to sort of follow," he said on "Live with Kelly and Ryan." "You're meant to say, 'Your Royal Highness' — if they offer their name, then you can use their name, but you can't do it first. And you can't offer your hand, they have to offer their hand. Then you have to bow, but you can't bow too low."

Hamm was photographed holding Middleton's hand because the duchess offered it. When asked if he panicked leading up to the close encounter with the future king and queen consort, the "Baby Driver" star admitted that he felt that way.

"For sure! You're like, 'Oh God, don't say you're royal harmless,'" he jokingly said. Although he was nervous, Hamm said, "It's exciting."

Kelly Ripa asked if he started speaking in a British accent when Middleton spoke with him. The actor smiled and said, "Absolutely not," while smiling and shaking his head. Ripa teased him, "Admit it, you stuffed it deep down," and the actor playfully asked the host with a deeper voice, "How's my accent?"

It wasn't the first time Hamm talked about his close encounter with Prince William and Middleton. He also spoke about the same meeting when he appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." According to him, when he met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, "there are some guidelines that are not so much guidelines but hard-and-fast rules that you are made to follow when you meet the royalty."

They were told about the bow and curtsy. Overall, he found it "a very good experience" and even complimented the royal couple, saying, "They couldn't be nicer."

Hamm also shared how impressed he was with Prince William's custom shoes for the premiere designed with F-18 Super Hornets. When Jimmy Fallon asked if everyone followed the direction, Hamm said "pretty much," but there were "few breaches of etiquette."

He turned to the host and asked if he had something in mind. Fallon mentioned Miles Teller being distracted by Prince William's eyes, and Hamm laughed as he shared the story.

"He geeked out a little on Prince William's eyes," Hamm explained to Fallon. "I remember coming back afterwards, he's like, 'They're so blue. I got lost in his eyes.'"

Hamm then quipped, "I didn't think we were allowed to look him in the eye."

"Top Gun: Maverick" is still showing.

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