Amy Schumer, Denis Leary and Louis C.K. will be Jon Stewart's final three guests on "The Daily Show." Comedy Central

Jon Stewart has only four more nights left as host of "The Daily Show." While there aren't any details about his final show, we now know who Stewart's final three guests will be. Amy Schumer ("Inside Amy Schumer," "Trainwreck"), Denis Leary ("Rescue Me") and Louis C.K. ("Louie") will all drop by "The Daily Show" next week, announced the outgoing host of 16 years, at the end of Thursday's episode.

"We're going to have a ball," Stewart said right before the Moment of Zen. "I can't wait to show my appreciation for all the support and enthusiasm that you guys have given this show all these years."

The three guests aren't entirely surprising. In a segment from Tuesday's episode where the host answered fan questions, he revealed that C.K. and Leary were some his favorite guests. And Schumer was offered Stewart's soon-to-be-vacated seat behind "The Daily Show" desk, but she turned it down, The Daily Beast reported in June.

While we might not know who will make an appearance on Aug. 6, Stewart's last show, we do know who won't. Executive producers Jen Flanz and Tim Greenberg told Entertainment Weekly that Donald Trump is not coming on the show. Trump told The Hill that Stewart was "begging" him to appear, but Flanz and Greenberg said, "Him being invited to the last show is factually inaccurate."