Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Levitt poses at the premiere of Inception Reuters

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the new addition to Christopher Nolan’s Batman sequel , “The Dark Knight Rises” reports.

Levitt was a part of Nolan’s Inception. It is believed that he may play an unnamed bad guy in The Dark Knight. Levitt will be joining another Inception cast member , Tom Hardy, who has agreed to play the villain Bane in the Batman movie.

The 29-year-old actor started his acting career as a child artist and has appeared in many commercials, TV serials and movies, the most notable of them being Beethoven. He also had a side role in the Heath Ledger film, 10 Things I Hate About You.

He took a break to attend college and came back to movies in 2001 with Manic; he did Bricks and the critically acclaimed 2009 film, '500 Days of Summer' for which he gained a Golden Globe nomination.

Anne Hathaway has already been cast as Catwoman, but while Christian Bale looks likely to reprise his role as Batman for the third time, there is some speculation as to whether the actor, who is on a high with his award winning performance in The Fighter, will definitely play Bruce Wayne this time or not.

Levitt currently is doing Looper with Bruce Willis and EmilyBlunt. His other projects on the anvil are Hesher coming out this spring, as well as Live With It. The Batman film starts production this spring.