Josh Powell, who killed himself and his two boys in a Feb. 5 explosion, is still not buried. While his sons Charlie,7, and Braden,5, were laid to rest on Saturday at Woodbine Cemetary, the people of Pierce County, Washington are fighting against Powell being buried next to his children. Before the explosion, Powell took a hatchet to his two boys.

According to MSNBC, a sheriff and his sergeant bought the two burial plots that were next to Charlie and Braden in an attempt to prevent their father from being buried next to them. Money from Crimestoppers Tacoma-Pierce County, as well as their own personal money was used to purchase the plots.

Pierce County Sheriff's Sgt. Ed Troyer took to his Twitter to confirm that they bought the two plots right next to the boys.

The sheriff's tweet currently has over 50 retweets, with followers being happy with the decision:

@Rhyme63 - Yessss! Thank you Crime Stoppers!!

@Norse1965 - Thank you!! I'm writing my check now!

For him to be buried near those kids is unthinkable, said Attorney Anne Bremner, who represents the children's maternal grandparents, Charles and Judy Cox. Many seem to agree with Bremmer, as thousands of dollars in donations poured in to help purchase the plots. I can't see this happening, said Chuck Cox. I just hope it goes away.

Most do not wish for Josh Powell to be buried next to the children he murdered, but his relatives disagree. The city manager in Puyallap, Raph Dannenberg, confirmed on Wednesday that Powell's surviving relating want him to be buried at the same cemetery as his children. On Wednesday the relatives visited Woodbine Cemetery, and selected a plot about 25 feet from them.

While the plot is selected, it has not been paid for yet due to threat of legal action from Charles and Judy Cox, the maternal grandparents of the boys. Dannenberg told The Associated Press that there are no rules or procedures regarding refusing plots to anyone.

Investigations are still being conducted into the 2009 disappearance of Josh Powell's wife, Susan Powell. Police recently discovered a blood-stained comforter in Josh Powell's storage unit. It is still unknown if authorities were able to match the blood to Susan Powell.