Joy Duggar
Joy Anna Duggar’s wedding prep photo has upset some “Counting On” fans. TLC

Joy-Anna Duggar is in the midst of getting ready for her wedding to fiancé Austin Forsyth, and part of her prep appears to include slimming down. A new photo of the “Counting On” reality star has some diehard fans expressing their opinions on her noticeably trimmer figure.

Recently, the Duggar family posted an update shot of Joy, 19, posting with her 7-year-old sister Josie on their Facebook fan page. “Sister time! Josie is ready for lots of fun in Pre-Embassy,” reads the image’s caption. While the Arkansas clan made no mention of Joy’s speculated weight loss in the caption, fans of the TLC series immediately commented on her physique.

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“I hardly recognized Joy with her being so much thinner here than in other photos. Why do the Duggar girls all seem to become so thin while they are courting? Is it that stressful for them? She looked fine before the weight loss,” one fan questioned.

“Girls/Women should never have that pressure that they should be thin to have value. I find it odd that these girls try to be really thin before the wedding. I enjoy the TV show but some of these things concern me,” said another fan.

“Joy looks so skinny. I hope she’s okay,” commented another concerned viewer.

While some expressed concern over Joy’s figure, others complimented her new look. “Good job Joy on your weight loss. Looking beautiful,” reads one comment.

“I couldn’t believe that was Joy!! She lost weight!! Wow. So beautiful,” wrote one fan, adding that Joy’s sister Jessa Seewald was also “very much thin too then when she got married.”

The Duggars have not commented on Joy’s weight loss controversy. They have, however, continued to update on their family ahead of the return of “Counting On” this summer. On Monday, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared a photo of their family playing Bible Jeopardy and their son Josiah Duggar acting in a “Big Bad Wolf and the 3 Little Sheep” play.

Joy and Austin announced their official courtship in November 2016. In March, they revealed they were engaged to be married. While the pair has not revealed a wedding date just yet, there are rumors they could be tying the knot on Joy’s 20th birthday this fall.

An Amazon gift registry for the couple shows their wedding date listed as Oct. 28, 2017. However, a note from the pair on the account states, “Our actual wedding date has not been announced yet!”

When the couple does marry, “Counting On” fans shouldn’t have to wait too long for another announcement from the reality star. Last month Joy told Crown of Beauty Magazine she was anticipating children in her and Austin’s future.“Lord willing, I will be married and a mother,” Joy said when asked about her plans for the next five years.

“Counting On” returns to TLC with new episodes this summer. A premiere date has not yet been announced.