Kate Middleton with tennis coach Judy Murray
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (R), is met by Judy Murray as she arrives for her visit to Craigmount High School in Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain, February 24, 2016. PHOTO: REUTERS/ANDREW MILLIGAN/POOL

Judy Murray said it was wonderful to play tennis with Kate Middleton in her home country Scotland in February. The 62-year-old tennis coach, who is mom to Jamie and Andy Murray, was very happy to meet the Duchess of Cambridge as she is a huge tennis fan. The 34-year-old British royal visited Edinburgh in Scotland for a charity engagement.

“She’s also a parent and I always say that the parents are the hidden workforce. If they can help the kids to develop the skills they need to play the sport, then they come into your sport better able to do it,” said Judy, talking to Hello. The mother-of-two added that Kate is genuinely enthusiastic about tennis.

Judy is a regular fixture at Wimbledon, however, she said that she is not the one for “hanging around watching tennis.” The Scotswoman is there courtside supporting her sons when they play their matches. For the mother, the priority lies with her sons and their matches.

Andy made history when he won Wimbledon in 2013. He was the first British man to win the Men’s Singles Championship since Fred Perry, 77 years ago. Judy said that she has been going to Wimbledon since the past 14 years, as her sons played in the junior event in 2002. She added that she knew what to expect during Wimbledon.

The coach said she found it very stressful to watch her boys playing and also to be in the grounds as it was always busy there. Judy added that when she is courtside, she prefers to sit alone and watch the matches. Her friends keep her sane, according to the coach.

She is never disturbed by her friends when she watches a match as they know she does not talk much. However, always someone of her best friends is around to take her for a coffee or for Pimm’s. The Lavazza brand ambassador said she needed her regular morning fix of caffeine to keep her going.

Judy added that she only goes to watch the Australian Open and Wimbledon. These are the tennis tournaments where Lavazza serves coffee, and Judy loves to have the tourney coffee. She also has some advice for a first-timer at Wimbledon.

According to Judy its best to look at the order of play and decide whom to watch and take a seat early, which is very difficult to find. Besides, she added that it is good to sit on top of the Henman Hill and soak in the atmosphere of Wimbledon, a very fan thing to do. She said that taking walks to see everything also gives a feel of the spirit of Wimbledon.