• Claire will have a new look in "Jurassic World 3"
  • Bryce Dallas Howard shared a picture of the new look online
  • The actress also teased more "layers" of her character

Bryce Dallas Howard teased a new look for her character Claire Dearing in “Jurassic World 3” on social media recently. The character played a crucial role in the first film in the new trilogy as an operations manager of the park and she returned in the sequel as an advocate and activist for dinosaurs. Claire will now be back with “new layers” to her character.

“Thank you Jason Low for Claire’s hair part 3,” Howard wrote in a post on Twitter.

The picture shows the actress in a new hairstyle, wearing bright red lipstick, and glasses. She also teased that her character has more “layers” that will be explored in the movie.

The picture tease is significant because the pre-production work has been ongoing for a while now, and the filming is about to begin. The cast members may be getting ready with the final look of their respective characters.

Chris Pratt is one of the lead actors in the movie, and he will be reprising his role as Owen Grady in “Jurassic World 3.” In a recent interview with “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the actor confirmed that they will begin filming “very soon.”

When asked how he was preparing for the role, Pratt said that he was “starving” himself to stay in shape. The actor pointed out that as he is ageing, he tends to put on many pounds when he eats junk food.

Another major cast member of the film is Laura Dern, who is reprising her role as Ellie Sattler. The character was part of the classic trilogy that started the franchise. In an interview with IMDB, the actress shared her excitement to be back and said that she loves the idea of seeing where her character is now after so many years.

“Jurassic World 3” will be released on June 11, 2021.

Jurassic World Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard loves starring in "Jurassic World." She is pictured in the second film, "Fallen Kingdom." Universal/Amblin Entertainment/Legendary Pictures Productions