People look at dinosaur skeletons exhibited at the Asturias Jurassic Museum during the "Trapped in the Ice" exhibition in Colunga, northern Spain August 14, 2009. More than seventy pieces, some from the permanent collection of the "Stone Age" of the Moscow Museum-Theatre, will be exhibited until September 30. Picture taken August 14, 2009. Reuters/Eloy Alonso

The producers of “Jurassic World” have now revealed some of the things the visitors to the park can buy at the park to enjoy their stay at Isla Nublar. From a dinosaur energy drink to steaks and margaritas, the island offers a lot of choices to the people.

The promotion for the upcoming movie has been done in a unique way, by launching several official websites that give the fans a feeling that the dinosaur theme park is an actual place run by an MNC called Masrani Global. New details released by the official website of the movie reveal some of the amenities that the visitors can enjoy at the park.

The visitors can buy a “dinosaur energy drink” that is said to be a “high-octane energy drink,” which will boost the energy of people “running out of gas.” People wanting something different can also choose a margarita from Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, which is also found on the island.

There are also a lot of dining options at Isla Nublar. For people who have a “T, rex sized appetite,” the island hosts Winston’s Steakhouse that has the “biggest” and the “best steaks” on the island. In terms of accommodation, there is a five-star resort hotel.

The producers have also released a new trailer of “Jurassic World.” This video posted on the YouTube channel of CBR Trailers shows that there is always danger for the people working with the dinosaurs on the island. Owen, played by Chris Pratt, can be seen hinting at a fact that a person got eaten by the Velociraptors, and this opened up a new position for the new recruit.

“Jurassic World” will feature a new dinosaur called the Indominus Rex. The dinosaur is created by the scientists to fulfill the need of the customers, who want something bigger. The Indominus Rex and some of the other dinosaurs manage to escape their paddock and run loose on the island, attacking the visitors.

Isla Nublar will not be safe for the visitors once the dinosaurs escape, but there is nowhere for them to go and they appear to be trapped on the island. Owen and Claire attempt to get the children to safety, while they attempt to find a way to stop the Indominus Rex. “Jurassic World” is slated to be released on June 12 in the U.S.

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