Chris Pratt may be the one doing all the interviews and press for “Jurassic World,” but its trailers make abundantly clear the real star of the film will be the new dinosaur. Although Universal Pictures has been keeping the appearance of this monster a well-kept secret, a newly released clip of the movie gives fans their first good look at the Indominus rex.

The action-packed clip was released on the official “Jurassic World” Twitter page. It shows a plot-filled scene in which Pratt’s character, Owen Grady, narrowly escapes becoming a dino treat.

For those unfamiliar with the film’s premise, the Indominus rex is billed as a genetically enhanced superdinosaur that the creators of the Jurassic World theme park cooked up to be their latest and greatest attraction. Unfortunately, as so frequently happens in “Jurassic Park” movies, things quickly go awry as people learn once again that they cannot contain such primal forces of nature -- even when they’re created up in a lab.

The clip below doesn’t quite reveal a full image of the dinosaur, but it does show more footage than previously seen. Fans were treated to a scene that sees the scary new creature crashing through a reinforced gate and eating somebody.

Co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson, Lauren Lapkus and Irrfan Khan join Pratt in the clip as the Indominus rex goes berserk and chases the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star to the gate of its enclosure. Fortunately for his character Owen, he makes it through just in time. However, as CinemaBlend noted, the killer dinosaur is able to break free at the gate, likely setting off the wave of terror that will make up the key story of the film.

As mentioned, the scene is fast and doesn’t show much. It’s likely Universal wants to keep the look of its key baddie under wraps until people pay the full ticket price when the movie hits theaters June 12. Still, that hasn’t stopped the studio from teasing it incessantly on its fake theme-park website. In addition, leaked toy merchandise images also may have revealed the Indominus rex ahead of the release date.

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