Ever wondered what Jurassic Park would have looked like had John Hammond’s dream not deteriorated into a bunch of tyrannosaurus rex and velociraptors killing a whole mess of people? In the new “Jurassic World” teaser, that vision becomes a reality.

Set 22 years after the events of the first movie, “Jurassic World” features a fully functioning amusement park with a hook of bringing tourists up close to the cadre of dinosaur clones created there. The video, which was released Sunday, comes with the ominous tagline -- “The Park is open.”

It’s worth mentioning that the 20-second clip is not a trailer for the movie, but rather a teaser for the trailer, which may strike some as a little ridiculous. The actual trailer for the film will debut on NBC during its Thanksgiving Football coverage on Thursday. The “Jurassic World” official trailer countdown puts the trailer’s release at 9 p.m. ET (confirmed on the film’s official Twitter page). Still, for a clip that’s only a few seconds long, it manages to give fans a lot to talk about -- namely the homages to the 1993 movie that director Colin Trevorrow, whose previous credits include the indie film “Safety Not Guaranteed,” peppered into the film to evoke nostalgia from the original film’s fans.  

The first unmistakable reminder comes from the shot of the gates to Jurassic World. In the first film, the iconic shot of the gates opening revealed a vast forest filled with prehistoric monsters hidden in the trees. This time around, the old red “Jurassic Park” sign is gone. It’s been updated with a blue “Jurassic World” sign. Moreover, as Entertainment Weekly points out, the park seems to be much more developed. The gates don’t open to reveal a road for Jeeps to ride on but a train track, likely for tourists to be shuttled into the park.

Jurassic World The first trailer for "Jurassic World" is set to debut during NBC's football coverage on Thanksgiving. Photo: Universal / YouTube Screen Cap

Following this is a remake of the shot from the first film of the Gallimimus dinosaurs stampeding through an open field. In the first film the characters had to run for their lives to avoid getting trampled. In this one, the visitors to the park are protected by a heavy-duty truck.

Jurassic World Director Colin Trevorrow throws an homage to the 1993 film "Jurassic Park" in his teaser for the 2015 follow up film. Photo: Universal Pictures / YouTube Screen Cap

While it was fun for fans to see these winks to the first film, the teaser wasn’t without any new information into “Jurassic World.” Fans were treated to their first live-action image of “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt as Owen, an employee at Jurassic World. Bryce Dallas Howard can be seen briefly in a lab coat monitoring the park’s activities as well.

Perhaps the most subtle dig in the teaser trailer is the music. Sharp ears at Us Weekly noticed that it is a low, ominous version of the classic “Jurassic Park” theme from composer John Williams.

Hopefully more mysteries about this highly anticipated project will be revealed when the full-length trailer comes out on Thanksgiving on NBC.