Justice League
The “Justice League” movie is facing extensive and costly reshoots, including ones that involve digitally altering Henry Cavill’s face. Warner Bros.

Reshoots for the highly-anticipated “Justice League” movie aren’t just proving to be expensive because the studio needs to work around their in-demand actors’ busy schedules. They’re also causing a problem because of other projects some of the actors are currently working on.

According to Variety, the extensive reshoots that are being scheduled have been noteworthy because they are reportedly costing Warner Bros. and DC $25 million due to the conflicting schedules of the main actors, who are all needed for the ensemble flick. Though Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot have been available for the reshoots, Henry Cavill’s other commitment to Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible” sequel is a particularly costly issue more than others.

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The report claims that Cavill grew a mustache for his other role, and he is not allowed to shave the facial hair while production is taking place. Because he is going back and forth between the two shoots, there will be more money needed to also digitally alter his facial hair out of “Justice League,” since Superman does not have that particular attribute.

Other issues with the reshoots have included Ezra Miller’s scheduling conflicts while he also films the “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” sequel, as well as crediting for Joss Whedon’s work on the film and the changes he is reportedly making on “connective tissue” between sequences.

By comparison, other big Hollywood movies traditionally spend only $6-$10 million on reshoots, which is why the numbers being reported for “Justice League” are so staggering.

During the film’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend however, the cast tried to downplay just how extensive the reshoots are, with Ray Fisher, who portrays Cyborg in the film, calling them “brief, if anything.”

The news about the reshoots comes after the new trailer for the film was also revealed during the panel, and geared up fan excitement over hidden clues about the movie.

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One such moment that has led to extensive speculation was at the end of the trailer, when Alfred (Jeremy Irons) is seen talking to someone off camera, though it is unclear who it may be.

“He said you’d come,” Alfred says. “Now let’s hope you’re not too late.”

The speculation about who Alfred was talking to has been extensive, with several fan theories pointing out that it is likely Cavill’s Superman character, who has yet to be shown in any of the trailers, though he confirmed his participation in the film, and his death in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” didn’t seem so concrete.

In addition, many fans believed that a small piece of something that is out-of-focus during the scene in question confirms the mystery person is Superman, because it looks like the character’s iconic red cape.

However, the as-of-yet unintroduced Green Lantern is also being speculated by fans, after he was referenced earlier in the trailer, and a light reflected in Alfred’s glasses made some wonder if the character, who is supposed to eventually make his own appearance with a “Green Lantern Corps” movie, was the one in question as well.