If you think naked photos of Justin Bieber emerging online would make his fans happy, guess again because “Beliebers,” as they call themselves, are enraged and looking to petition against TMZ for posting the private images.

Early Monday morning, gossip website TMZ posted photos showing Bieber naked in his grandmother’s Toronto home holding a guitar covering his private area. Another photo shows him in the nude singing to his grandmother – reportedly “I Loooove you grandmaaaa. ... how are youuuu ... helloooo grandma" – while holding the guitar with his rear completely exposed.

According to the site, the photos were taken in October 2012 as a prank to the singer’s grandmother in the vein of Jenny from “Forrest Gump.” Sources reported that everyone in attendance for the family holiday laughed at the prank, but his grandmother asked him to put his clothes back on.

However, Bieber fans are not happy with TMZ for intruding on the 19-year-old singer’s personal life. By mid- Monday morning, a worldwide hash tag #BeliebersSuspendTMZ began trending as an outlet for fans to discredit the site and to attack TMZ for posting the private pictures.

“Dear @TMZ find a better job REALLY! #BeliebersSuspendTMZ,” wrote user @SelocaBelieber.

“They make Justin look bad & nasty when he's the biggest make-a-wish giver & always donates money to help people in need.#BeliebersSuspendTMZ,” Twitter user @mybiebswish wrote.

“Dear TMZ you are messing with the wrong fandom #BeliebersSuspendTMZ,” wrote user @TeaDarlyn.

So far, Bieber has not addressed the photo controversy himself, but since he’s been having a rough time with the media lately, we’re sure he will.

Most recently, the singer was involved in a feud in a Southampton nightclub, South Pointe, after a male clubgoer was jealous when his female friend flirted with Bieber. According to sources, the battle ended in blood and Bieber leaving in a huff. However, his publicist later denied the fight, saying Bieber was “not involved in any altercation.”