Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber was banned from a nightclub after his bodyguards reportedly groped young girls and broke fans' phones. Reuters
Lil Twist
Rapper Lil Twist uploaded this picture from inside of Justin Bieber's mansion during a wild pot party. Instagram

Justin Bieber’s budding relationship with rapper Lil Twist continues to lead to controversy.

According to a TMZ report, the 20-year-old rapper recently used Bieber’s Calabasas mansion as his personal nightclub. On March 19, Twist and a friend invited dozens of people to a wild party that involved copious amounts of pot, beer and hard liquor.

TMZ also reports that Bieber was not actually in attendance. The “Baby” singer is currently on tour in Europe.

Pictures taken from inside the party provide a glimpse into the festivities. The underage revelers indulged in dozens of beers, liquor, and a large hookah pipe with multiple hose attachments, TMZ reports.

The party continued well into the night, with loud music playing and the smell of pot in the air until after 2 a.m., a source who attended the party told TMZ.

At one point, Lil Twist took a break from the party and uploaded a self-portrait to his Instagram. Ironically, a picture of marijuana enthusiast Bob Marley looms over his shoulder.

Bieber’s friendship with Twist has been a source of continuing controversy for the best-selling crooner. Earlier this year, TMZ obtained photos of Bieber and Twist smoking pot together, sparking a debate over whether the rapper was a bad influence on the 19-year-old.

Lil Twist was also driving Bieber’s Ferrari when he was pulled over for speeding in January, inadvertently leading to the death of a photographer. The paparazzo was rushing to capture the event on film when he was struck by another driver.

The rapper’s hijinks continued in February, when he drove Bieber’s ubiquitous chrome Fisker into a cement pole outside of a liquor store, fleeing the scene before authorities could arrive, TMZ reports.

Bieber has also ignited some tabloid frenzies of his own. The Internet exploded with rumors that the singer would be charged with battery for allegedly attacking his neighbor during a heated argument. According to TMZ, Bieber was driving his Ferrari recklessly through his gated community, causing a local resident to confront him. While reports on the incident have varied, it’s clear that some sort of altercation did take place.

You can view more pictures from the pot party at Bieber's mansion here.