Justin Bieber surprised his fans by joining Ariana Grande on stage at the Coachella music festival, and he even announced that he will be releasing a new music album soon. The singer has not performed on stage for the past two years, as he has been battling mental health issues.

Bieber’s performance appears to have been a spontaneous decision because he told the crowd that he had “no idea” that he was going to be on stage that night, People reported. The singer pointed out that it has been two years since he performed on stage, and it was about time he got his “groove” and “swag” back.

While the stage performance was a pleasant surprise for the fans, Bieber also announced that he will be releasing a new album soon. After the performance he said that being on stage “felt right,” and he also thanked Grande for sharing the stage with him.

Grande and Bieber also collaborated on Lil Dicky’s Earth song recently. On stage at Coachella, they sang Bieber’s “Sorry” song together.

According to a friend of Bieber, the stage performance was a “big deal.” The singer is “slowly getting back to feeling normal,” according to his friend.

Bieber thanked Grande on Instagram by saying that she is a “class act,” and he also shared a picture of their on-stage hug. In another post he said that it’s like he “never left” the stage.

Grande shared a clip of the performance on Instagram. She said that sometimes people just need dopamine, and added that she is so proud of Bieber that it’s “insane.”

Bieber has the support of his wife, as he gets back to his singing career. She was there to cheer him during his performance at Coachella. In a post on Instagram she said that she is “insanely proud” of who her husband is and who he is becoming.