Justin Bieber sent Twitter into a momentary frenzy Tuesday when he tweeted that he had done a voiceover for "The Simpsons." He soon became a trending topic and took advantage of the burst of attention to promote his single "As Long As You Love Me."

Around 6 p.m. Justin Bieber tweeted, "just did a voice over for the SIMPSONS!!! #swaggy."

Bieber's 26,894,959 followers immediately became excited after hearing the news, many of them saying that they were curious when the episode would air so that they could watch it.

The excitement of Bieber being on "The Simpsons" quickly faded, but the "As Long As You Love Me" singer wanted to take the opportunity to promote his new song by posting it on Stamped, a website like Pintrest where you "record and share your favorite things."

Bieber wrote on the site along with a preview of his song, "Let's take it to #1!"

It's a song that's mostly about his fans being enamored by him.

Homer J. Simpson, however, has remained relatively quiet on the issue and last tweeted, "Dear @PaulRyanVP, MY veins run with cheese, bratwurst and beer too. Trust me, you're gonna need that Obamacare," almost a week ago.

Other Twitter users were more responsive to Justin Bieber and his appearance on "The Simpsons."

Many Beliebers may not be familiar with "The Simpsons," for one glaring reason, "The Simpsons" have been airing episodes on Fox for longer than Justin Bieber has been alive. The cartoon first aired in 1987, making it nearly seven years older than the celebrated pop star. So it's not surprising that his fans would tune in solely to watch him. 

Here's what some of Justin's Beliebers had to say on Twitter:

@KeepBeliebn wrote, "Justin is gonna be on the Simpsons?! THAT'S AMAZING OMG.

@nataliefirthh said, "@justinbieber: just did a voice over for the SIMPSONS!!! #swaggy" hehe cool justin :) swaggy :) swagilicious :)"

‏@BieberCrewAUS posted, "I think I'm a little too excited that Justin is going to be on The Simpsons."

@ChaneBieber tweeted, "I don't even like The Simpsons, but I'm gonna have to watch it now that Justin's doing a voice over. #dedication"

@liqu0rlips rejoiced, "in relevant news, justin is gonna be on the simpsons and i'm so excited."

@rauhlific wrote, "i cannot believe Justin's doing a voice-over for The Simpsons. he's going to be a chubby yellow man (":"

Are you excited for "The Simpons" episode with Justin Bieber?