Justin Bieber has launched Someday, his new perfume for women, or girls, and sources are predicting it is set to bring in the big bucks.

The commercial opens with the sound of a music box, and a young teenage blonde. With just one spray of Someday, the girl is whisked away into Bieber-land, where she and Justin hold hands, hug, and cuddle while floating in the sky.

The 32 second clip which hit the internet yesterday has received mixed reviews. The Youtube video has received 2,563 hits thus farwhich can be expected to increase in the following days. 61 people said they liked it, and 59 gave the commercial a thumbs down.

As Justin and his blonde return to planet Earth, one notable feature is his purple high-top sneakers.

The short commercial ends with a sweet peck on the girl's neck and fist-pumping music.

Proceeds from the perfume will go to charity.

Tell us what you think about the style of the commercial. Watch the video below: