Bieber poses with his new fragrance "someday" during its launch in New York
Justin Bieber poses with his new fragrance "someday" during its launch at Macy's in New York June 23, 2011. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Scores of Justin Bieber's adoring fans have taken to Twitter to threaten NBC with boycotts and express their anger over the network's "America's Got Talent" failing to play a clip from Bieber's long-awaited "As Long As You Love Me" music video during its Wednesday night episode.

Prior to the episode, Bieber tweeted to his more than 25 million followers that the network had "confirmed" that the video clip would be played Wednesday night during the broadcast of the popular talent competition show, also referred to as "AGT."

The outrage invoked by the failure to play the clip even included what can only be described as outright death threats lodged against the network, which had not responded to the controversy on its official Twitter page as of 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

The pure rage expressed on Twitter in the wake of the omission by NBC was at a fever pitch not often seen on the social-networking site, which is known for often hosting displays of unadulterated emotion.

For instance, Twitter user @BBeliebs4ever tweeted the following message, "NBC, WHYYYYYYYY?!!! you better run...hmm doesn't make any sense...just die!!"

And the rage seemed to be directed solely at NBC and "America's Got Talent," sparing Bieber, who tweeted shortly after "AGT" ended Wednesday evening that he was "very frustrated" himself that the video clip was not shown.

A number of hardcore Beliebers even tweeted their musical idol in hopes of cheering him up, including @HLoopeez, who tweeted the following to the Biebs late Wednesday night:

"@justinbieber We are here to make you feel better always :3 Dont worry, everything will get better (: NBC will die ;)"

Beyond the odd statements threatening the network with death, Bieber fans made threats that may actually put a scare in NBC's execs: namely to boycott "AGT" and the network in order to show their displeasure with the failure to run the Biber music video clip.

Twitter user @TheBoss_Bieber put it most succinctly with this six-word tweet, "I'm never watching NBC ever again."

The furor was so widespread and viscious that a special hashtag was even made just for the occasion, in order to organize and allow people to keep track of the outcry. That hashtag: #pissedbeliebers, as used in the following tweet by @BiebsCyrusLand:

"Dear NBC and AGT, you're now the most hated show on the planet, congratulations, sincerely Bieber & 25 million #pissedbeliebers."

Justin Bieber also took to Twitter Wednesday night to express his disappointment with NBC for failing to play a snippet of the new music video for his song "As Long As You Love Me" during "America's Got Talent" earlier that evening.

Justin Bieber spent much of Tuesday night and Wednesday building buzz about the planned release of a teaser clip of part of the new music video during "America's Got Talent" on Wednesday, but was dismayed when it was not shown:

"very frustrated. where was it? no joking here," he tweeted to his more than 25 million followers after the show ended Wednesday, then followed that post two minutes later with one aimed at NBC: "@nbcagt not cool. what happened?"

The official NBC Twitter account for "America's Got Talent" had not responded to Bieber's inquiries by 12:30 a.m. Thursday, despite his position in the royalty of the Twitterverse.

The buzz about the video clip began late Tuesday evening, when Justin Bieber first let people know via his mega-popular Twitter account, that part of the video was scheduled to be aired Wednesday night on NBC's "America's Got Talent."

"yep...It is CONFIRMED! Going to give you the begginning of the #AsLongAsYouLoveMeVideo tomorrow on @nbcagt !!! GET READY," the pop star tweeted.

Bieber then sent another tweet out to his more than 25.5 million Twitter followers around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, teasing his fans with the news that they would be able to see a sneak peak of the video if they tune into "America's Got Talent" later that night:

"anyone excited to see a clip from the #AsLongAsYouLoveMeVideo (trend this) tonight on America's Got Talent? yes...Michael Madsen is in it," the Biebs wrote.

Beliebers around the world did the bidding of their idol, and soon enough the hashtag #AsLongAsYouLoveMeVideo was a huge trending topic on Twitter in a number of international locations.

As if that were not enough to get the buzz about the new Justin Bieber music video, the official "America's Got Talent" Twitter account retweeted his post to its more than 94,000 followers.

And, no joke, Bieber went ahead and retweeted AGT's retweet. That's a lot of people receiving the same tweet about one part of one new music video by one young, ultra-popular singer.

But it was all for naught, as NBC failed to air the "As Long As You Love Me" video clip. And now they have to face the wrath of Bieber's hordes.

It is not all doom and gloom though for Beliebers, as Justin Bieber was sure to reassure his fans late Wednesday night, tweeting, "when u see this video it wont let you down. #AsLongAsYouLoveMeVideo."