Justin Guarini
Justin Guarini competed during the first season of “American Idol.” The singer-actor took second place behind that season’s champ, Kelly Clarkson. Reuters

After Justin Guarini placed second in the first season of the reality-television singing competition “American Idol,” the singer still found himself presented with championship-level opportunities. Between co-starring in the film musical “From Justin to Kelly” and a couple of gigs hosting shows for the TV Guide Network, Guarini appeared to be doing pretty well for himself following his run on the hit reality-TV show.

When one of his blog posts -- describing how he has had to skip meals to keep his family fed and wear gifted clothing to cut costs -- began to spread online Wednesday, however, many started to question whether he was facing financial trouble.

“I have spent days skipping meals in order to make sure I have enough,” Guarini reportedly admitted in the blog post, which appears to have been taken down. “To make sure my children, and my wife have enough. ... I drive a family oriented import, that is over mileage. My clothes are a mixture of gift-suite holdovers, things I bought when I had money but no style, and H&M.” In the post, he also reportedly wrote about keeping his family encouraged and happy, even through the tough times.

However, the 34-year-old singer quickly shot back on Twitter once news of the post began to spread, blaming People magazine for twisting his “truth”:

The fact that Guarini has a role in the Broadway revival of “Romeo and Juliet” previewing this month supports the star’s claims he isn’t struggling financially, as many now believe. His blog post apparently was initially uploaded for the star to reintroduce himself to his fans -- a goal it seems to have more than achieved.

Although many continue to question the validity of his blog post, Guarini appears less than worried about the current controversy -- with his publicist telling USA Today the singer will be offering no further comment on the matter.