Justina Machado is coming to Lifetime this weekend. The actress stars in “Family Pictures,” a TV movie about two women who realize they are sharing a husband.

The role is definitely different from Machado’s more comedic roles in “One Day at a Time” and “Jane the Virgin.” The actress spoke to International Business Times about what brought her into the movie, which is executive produced by “Grey’s Anatomy” star Kim Raver and based on a novel by Jane Green.

IBT: So how did you get involved with this?

Machado: Well, they sent me the script, Manu [Boyer], the director, and Kim Raver had sent me the script to see if I was interested, and I was very interested because it was something I never play. I usually play the other role like the role that Elisabeth Rohm played so brilliantly, someone tougher, like just smartass, faster, and this was a very different kind of role. So that really intrigued me, and I really love what they were doing that whole summer, three Jane Green movies. I thought that was really fantastic and so I was really interested in being a part of it.

[Ed. Note: “Family Pictures” is the third in Lifetime’s Book to Screen series. Green’s “Tempting Fate” and “To Have and to Hold” premiered earlier this month.]

Family Pictures Justina Machado
"Family Pictures" stars Justina Machado as Sylvie, a recovering alcoholic who realizes her husband has another family across the country. Lifetime

IBT: The immediate reaction of these women isn’t to hate each other. They become friends, which I thought was really interesting. Was that part of the appeal to you, that it didn't necessarily pit these woman against each other?

Machado: Absolutely, I wouldn't have done something like that. … I love the whole friendship that these women develop. I love that this is truly their story together. How they overcome, how they realize that they are enough, how they realize that it takes a village, and how these two women who really isolate themselves and just kind of live in their own little worlds with their husband actually find a bigger, more beautiful world. I love all the girl power. I love that after the movie.

IBT: Did you and Elisabeth Rohm, get close on this movie? I realize you guys were only filming together for a few weeks.

Machado: Isn't that crazy? It was literally 15, I mean we're there for like almost a month, but really there was just 15 or 20 days of shooting. But yes, because it was so intense, cause we were there for like 12-hour days, 15-hour days, yes, we were very close and I loved it. We connected immediately. We went out to dinner the first night … the obligatory dinner that actors have together when they realize they have to work with each other. So we kinda had that obligatory dinner and it turned into the fact that we loved each other and we had a blast. Everything about the movie, it was fast-paced, it was intense, it was a lot of work, but it was also really fun.

Family Pictures movie
Justina Machado and Elisabeth Röhm's characters discover they have more in common than just their husband in Lifetime's "Family Pictures." Lifetime

IBT: What was your favorite aspect of your character Sylvie?

Machado: I love how she loves so hard you know. She's just all love and she's raw, and her emotions are right there, and you know she has demons that she hasn't dealt with. But, she's just full of love and full of emotion and a very raw human being, and I loved playing that.

IBT: I also have to ask you about the beloved 'One Day at a Time.' How are the efforts going to bring that show back?

Machado: They're really trying, Sony's really trying, and I know that all of our producers are really trying. There are certain things holding us back as we all know. There are certain contractual things and then also, I don't know. I don't know if fits into anyone's schedule right now. It's so unfortunate because it's such an incredible show, and it's so much more than us having a job.

It's a show that has so much representation on so many levels, and I really think has made a difference … It's unfortunate if it doesn't happen, but I don't really know what's happening right now. They keep saying that there's still hope, and I hope that there is, but I don't really see anybody biting right now.

IBT: I think the fans really want to know is there anything else that they can do to help?

Machado: I know! And this is the thing, I don't know what they can do because I think they've been so amazing already. I mean we trended for seven hours that day that they said they were canceled, and all of these incredible articles that have been written about our show, I feel like they're doing amazing things. They're already going far and beyond. I would just say keep doing it but, you know, I don't really know at this point what could be done, you know?

But I appreciate it and I think that they've already done far and beyond. I can't even tell you how many times I see hashtag #SaveOneDayAtATime. I love that. That's so beautiful, and I think that they're doing their job and now we have to see if the powers that be want to give our show a chance on their network or their cable station or anything like that.

[Ed. note: This interview took place earlier this month. On Thursday, Pop TV picked up "One Day At A Time" for 13-episode Season 4, set to debut in 2020.]

"Family Pictures" premieres Saturday on Lifetime.