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Those who wanted to see the two reality stars, K. Michelle and Rasheeda, battle it out were disappointed when there was only a verbal argument instead of a physical altercation. But that didn't stop Twitter from erupting with comments about whether or not K. Michelle was telling the truth about the abuse and rehashing the past.

@_RuckerPark posted about the the artist on the reunion show, "k.michelle was about to get all beat up."

@KelaMonroe_ added what she should have said, "K. Michelle Should Told Rasheeda you wasnt with us fightinggg at the Crib."

‏@Brezzie_ily tweeted that she was on K Michelle's side, "I Believe K. Michelle All Thee Way!"

But @_Keisha_K isn't a fan of hers writing, "K. Michelle crazy as hell!!!"

K. Michelle hasn't gotten along with Rasheeda ever since she questioned whether or not Memphitz actually abused the singer.

"Rasheeda, he did that to me. I had scars all on my leg, carpet burns from fighting," K. Michelle insisted about Memphitz's abuse. "How would you feel if a towel was over your face? Smothered. He needs to apologize," she pleaded.

"I have every text message when (he) tried to say (he) would kill my son. If I was an evil chick I would have sent that to a blog right now," she continued about Memphitz. "And I haven't done it."

She instantly became offended that Rasheeda didn't believe her allegations against Memphitz, especially since she thought Rasheeda didn't have any reasons not to believe her.

The "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" starlet claimed that when she was in a relationship with Memphitz he abused her so bad that she has been scarred from the relationship ever since.

The artist even appeared in a wedding dress to speak to other women about domestic abuse, even though she and Memphitz were never engaged.

After K. Michelle and Rasheeda fought on the show, viewers instantly began to speculate if the two would physically battle on the "Love & Hip Hop" reunion show.

Rasheeda was friends with K. Michelle until she said that she didn't believe that Memphitz had put her through domestic abuse. Rasheeda claimed that she wasn't going to be on K. Michelle's side in the end.

The singer claimed that Rasheeda "ran" when everything got tough and all of a sudden she didn't want to be in anyone's business when after she already had on the show.

The two continued to bicker until Rasheeda got up like she was going to hit K. Michelle and eventually was pulled off of her.

Do you think Rasheeda would have actually fought K. Michelle if no one was there to hold her back?

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