Kail Lowry
Kail Lowry is pictured at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York on Aug. 28, 2016. Recently, fans of “Teen Mom 2” slammed her for tweeting about an unnamed ex’s love of money. Getty Images

Kail Lowry may be losing support from the “Teen Mom 2” fanbase. Her decision to tweet about an unnamed ex’s love of money resulted in a barrage of hate comments over Labor Day weekend.

“It’s money over everything, ask my ex,” Kail tweeted Monday. Despite not adding specific details to her post, fans responded by slamming the 24-year-old for supposedly insulting her estranged husband Javi Marroquin, calling her a hypocrite.

“Says the person who just bought a BMW. You’re the biggest hypocrite,” wrote one fan. “Says the person who exploits her kids for money,” said another follower, noting she’s had her children Isaac, 6, whom she shares with ex Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, 2, co-star with her on several seasons of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2.”

Kail’s plastic surgery and exotic vacations were also a basis of argument for several commenters. “Who’s she talking about? She has two exes that have to throw money at her for vacations and plastic surgery...I mean the kids,” wrote a fan.

While a majority of responses appear to be slamming Kail, a select few did defend her. As rumors continue to crop up following her split from Javi one fan praised her for “keeping it classy.” “It’s nice to see you finally clap back. You’re a good mom,” wrote the fan. “Keep on speaking the truth. Don’t worry about what other people say,” said another poster.

While Kail did not react directly to the hate tweets or support comments, she did update her account several hours later.

Kail announced their split in May while Javi was deployed overseas with the U.S. Air Force, and rumors have swirled about the cause of their breakup since. While Kail denies anything specific caused the end of their union, Javi recently hinted she may have had an affair.

“People she thinks are loyal to her now are still coming to me about certain situations. People I haven’t even met. I don’t know who you are and he said, ‘Oh I was with her one time and this it what happened.’ It’s been rough, everyday,” Javi told Radar Online. “I have screen shots, I have texts and I have pictures. They’re saved on a lot of different things just in case. When the time is right, what’s done in the night will show in the light.”

Javi reportedly plans to expose Kail’s secrets in a tell-all book. Kail is also preparing to release her third book, “Hustle & Heart,” this fall.