Farrah Abraham
The old Farrah Abraham is back! The “Teen Mom OG” star got upset with her young daughter on Mondays Season 6, episode 4. MTV

It’s Easter in the “Teen Mom OG” universe but that doesn’t mean smiles and cute bunnies (or should we say pigs?) for all. A new addition caused one mom to voice her desire to enter into treatment, Relive all of the drama that went down in Season 6, episode 4 of the MTV docuseries.


Farrah Abraham goes to wake up her daughter Sophia and asks her to get dressed for Easter. Sophia refuses to cooperate and Farrah tells her 7-year-old she will not be accompanying them on their outing. When Sophia reacts by slamming a stool into a door, Farrah calls her daughter a “heathen.” Debra tries to calm the situation but when Farrah learns Sophia is still not dressed, she unleashes another insult.

“Sophia’s too stupid to get ready. It’s not my issue right now,” Farrah says.

Debra says her granddaughter doesn’t feel well, but Farrah says they’re both acting ridiculous and “irritating.”

When Farrah goes to pick up her boyfriend Simon at the airport to celebrate Easter with them, there’s obvious tension in the car. At the party she tells him off for not standing close enough to her during the egg hunt and their issues continue at home. Farrah yells at him for wearing shoes in the house and when they finally have a chat, she kicks him out for refusing to get off his phone.


Maci Bookout tells Taylor McKinney she wants to marry him before the holidays and is eyeing a date in October. She declares she’s found the perfect location in the “middle of nowhere” in Florida they can rent out for $20,000. At the venue, Maci falls in love and says she wants her grandfather to marry them. Taylor agrees its the place for a dream wedding and they agree to get married there.

To continue their planning, Maci goes to a bridal salon to try on dresses (watch the scene here) with her mom and some friends. After trying on several gowns, Maci comes out of the dressing room in a robe and jokes that is her dress of choice. Maci voices her concern that she doesn’t want to pick a dress that hides her baby bump because she won’t be pregnant on her big day.

At a different bridal salon, Maci tells the producers she’s found the perfect dress. She asks the crew to film her in a specific way as to not spoil her gown for Taylor.

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Not feeling well, Matt Baier takes Amber Portwood to the hospital. Matt remarks to a friend it’s unfortunate that Amber is not feeling well because they had a scheduled visit with her daughter Leah. Matt says Leah’s dad Gary was understanding of the situation.

Finally feeling better a few days later, Amber goes to pick up Leah and they decide to go to a pet store together. Amber tells Leah they’re not going to get a pet but Amber falls in love with a rescue cat and decides to adopt him. Amber admits she has an “animal addiction” and Matt jokes she’s about to become a crazy cat lady.

Later that day, Leah accuses Amber of never picking her up when she’s supposed to. Leah says she makes “excuses” but Amber makes it clear she was in a hospital. Leah says she’s unsure if her dad told her that her mom was sick. When Amber drops off Leah she confronts Gary and he says he did tell Leah she was sick but that she didn’t believe him. Amber says she’s bothered that she let down Leah.


Catelynn Baltierra announces to her husband Tyler she bought a super micro mini pig for $3,000. Tyler is upset and says they could have spent the money on the house they’re renovating. When Tyler tells his friend about the extravagant purchase his pal remarks, “That’s not $3,000 worth of bacon.”

Amber and her mom head to the airport to pick up the pig. At home, the pig tries to run off in the dark and Catelynn recruits help from the production crew to catch it.

The next morning, Catelynn says she gave the pig to a family member because taking care of it was giving her anxiety. During a talk with Tyler, Catelynn says she admitted she is “not OK” and is depressed. Tyler says they can’t wait for her problems to go away and Catelynn reveals she’s found an anxiety and depression center in Arizona she wants to go to.

“It just makes me feel like a bad mom,” Catelynn says through tears, revealing her worst fear is hurting their daughter Nova.

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