• A leaflet for puppy adoption lands in the Goto household
  • Hime wants a dog and Kakushi is troubled by her request
  • Will Kakushi allow Hime to welcome a dog in "Kakushigoto" episode 7?

Episode 7 of “Kakushigoto” welcomes a new member of the Goto family. Hime tells Kakushi that she wants a dog. The episode is titled “Inuhoshiki: Dog Wanted – The One Who Connects Mother and Child.”

This article contains spoilers from “Kakushigoto” episodes.

According to the official synopsis and stills released for “Kakushigoto” episode 7, Hime brings a leaflet for “Puppy Owner Recruitment” and asks Kakushi to consider getting a dog.

Kakushi seems troubled by the idea, but he doesn’t want to disappoint her daughter. Later, he meets Kazushi with his dog in the park. And at the park, a person named Ichiko tells Kakushi a story about his dog.

“I was saved by this child because I often stayed alone at home,” said Ichiko.

Kakushi’s heart melts, and he allows Hime to keep the dog.

Meanwhile, in the previous episode of “Kakushigoto,” the Goto family receives a backpack from Naoto Date. Kakushi is annoyed because Naoto sends a backpack every year.

He feels that it is a privilege to buy someone a backpack. According to him, people familiar with a child fight for the privilege to gift a child with a backpack with the blessings of the parents.

However, the person, Naoto, sending the backpacks is no stranger to the Goto family. He is Kakushi’s father-in-law.

The sixth installment showcases Kakushi and his father-in-law’s troubled relationship. During the episode, Kakushi meets Naoto, and the latter asks him if he is still holding a grudge against him. It will be interesting to see their relationship progress in future episodes.

Meanwhile, the episode also shows Hime’s trip to Kidzanira, which is a popular theme park for kids.

“The story follows a lonely mangaka, Kakushi Goto, who draws vulgar manga. The twist? Well, he has to hide the fact that this is his work so that his young daughter, Hime, isn’t exposed to its mature content.

This slice-of-life comedy will explore the relationship between father and daughter, and the plight of an adult manga creator,” reads the official synopsis.

“Kakushigoto” episode 7 is scheduled to air Thursday (May 14. The episode can be watched online via live streaming mode on Funimation. Currently, the installments are available in Japanese with English subtitles.

Kakushigoto and Hime from "Kakushigoto"
Kakushigoto and Hime from "Kakushigoto" YouTube/AlpasarGr