Rob Kardashian drugs Blac Chyna arrest
The Kardashian family is reportedly worried that Rob Kardashian may go back to doing drugs and are blaming his new girlfriend Blac Chyna. In this photo, Rob is seen arriving at the opening of the Kardashian Khaos store at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 15, 2011. Reuters/Steve Marcus

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna may be enjoying the initial stages of their new relationship, but the Kardashian family is getting increasingly worried that Chyna may be dragging him down a familiar path of drugs, TMZ reported. Chyna was arrested last week for public intoxication at the airport in Austin, Texas, and TMZ alleged that police officers found ecstasy pills in her sunglasses case.

Sources told TMZ that one of the Kardashian family members received a call, two weeks ago, from a person who used to party with Rob. The person, who is now reportedly clean, told the Kardashian family member that Rob was contacting his old party friends again to get drugs. The report added that Chyna was only pretending that she was helping Rob become healthy again.

The Kardashians now fear that Rob may go back to drugs and are blaming Chyna for it.

The Kardashian family is also concerned that Rob is not taking his medicines for diabetes and fear that his life may be in danger, TMZ reported. The report added that Rob is not listening to anyone except Chyna. His mother Kris Jenner had reportedly reached Chyna’s place to give her son insulin and Rx medicines.

Chyna, who is Tyga’s baby mama, has been involved in a long-running beef with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner and has accused Jenner of “stealing” the “Stimulated” rapper. A report Monday said that Rob does not care about Kylie’s feelings about his relationship with Chyna.

“Rob doesn’t care! He honestly does not give a f--- what his sister Kylie thinks of his love life, or of the situation specifically,” a source told Radar Online, adding: “Rob has always had a special bond with Kendall out of the Jenner girls, but never really with Kylie. Honestly, Rob just thinks that Kylie is everything that is wrong with the Kardashian family right now. And the part that amuses him is that she is not even a Kardashian!”

Following Chyna’s arrest, Rob reportedly drove for about 26 hours just so he could be next to his girlfriend and pick her up from jail. Soon after, Chyna posted a photo on Snapchat showing her standing in front of Rob’s car. She captioned it: “Bye Texas.”

Reports have also suggested that a standoff took place between the couple and Khloé Kardashian, who told Rob that he was not welcome in her house anymore.

Over the past couple of days, Khloé has also posted many cryptic messages about the importance of family, likely aimed at Rob.