Kate Middleton is already grooming herself to be the next Princess Diana.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen dressing like Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom in the past years. According to Dawnn Karen, a fashion psychologist, this could likely mold the people’s perception of her as the next People’s Princess.

“We will begin to perceive Kate in Princess Diana’s likeness, that she’s for the people, she’s caring,” Karen said.

Karen added that Middleton has the same reputation as a caring and genuine royal as Princess Diana, so it’s not a stretch for royal fans to draw comparisons between the two. “It’s a beautiful comparison, and it’s not like it’s apples and oranges,” she added.

“The effect on the public of seeing Kate wearing outfits that remind us of Diana is that Princess Diana lives on through Kate Middleton, that she’s almost carrying on her legacy,” the expert noted.

Meanwhile, according to Susan Kelley, Middleton dresses like the late Princess of Wales due to her profession. The Duchess of Cambridge has a degree in art history and she has a keen eye for details and design. In addition, doing so is a special tribute to her mother-in-law.

“Using that background and looking to Diana for fashion inspiration makes perfect sense,” Kelley explained. “For me, the linkage is that of an homage, a sign of respect or acknowledgment.”

Middleton was last seen dressing like Princess Diana on Prince Charles’ official photos for his 70th birthday. For the photoshoot, Middleton donned a polka-dot dress that was very similar to the one the late princess wore in 1985.

Back then, Princess Diana was photographed in a navy polka-dot dress with her lady in waiting and private secretary, Anne Beckwith-Smith. In the shot, the People’s Princess is seen holding a pen and seems to be reading something.

In August, Middleton also channeled Princess Diana when she joined Queen Elizabeth II in a church service in Scotland. Middleton donned a gray coat that was reminiscent of the one Princess Diana wore in 1981 when she walked along the River Dee with Prince Charles during their honeymoon.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton is aligning herself to be the next Princess Diana. Pictured: Middleton greets family members of personnel at the Akrotiri Royal Air Force base during an official visit to meet with Serving personnel, families living on the base, wider station personnel and members of the local community on Dec. 5, 2018 in Akrotiri, Cyprus. Getty Images/Matt Dunham