Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s choices in clothing differ from each other, and there’s a reason why this may be the case.

Anita Nair, the co-creator of Batik London, told Express that the Duchess of Cambridge has always been in favor of recycling outfits, and she has been photographed wearing the same clothes on different occasions.

“Unlike Meghan Markle, who often chooses sustainable fashion and designers, Kate Middleton will more commonly choose the higher end designers and more expensive items. However, this does not mean that her fashion isn’t sustainable,” Nair said.

Prince William’s wife was recently photographed wearing an H&M (Group) dress, which confirmed the fact that she also gives a nod to sustainable fashion. Nair also said that Middleton is a huge fan of high-street designers such as Zara, Jigsaw, Reiss, and Karen Millen.

“H&M (Group) isn’t a first or popular choice for Kate and it’s unlikely she shops there on a regular basis. So it looks more than her simply liking the dress or Prince George’s top… This was a conscious choice, there are reasons why she chose something from Other Stories and I think this is because she wants to make better fashion choices for her and her family,” Nair said.

Nair also talked about the dress that Middleton wore when she unveiled her beautiful garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. She said that the outfit was a deliberate attempt to partner sustainability and nature.

Since Middleton is aware that everyone would talk about her choices in clothing as well as the clothes that her three children wear, she used the flower show as a clever way of raising awareness of any message surrounding fashion and sustainability.

Nair said that she’s not certain if Middleton would wear the same dress ever again but the Duchess of Cambridge looked very stunning in it so she hopes to see the mom of three in similar clothing again.