Kate Middleton was criticized for canceling an engagement due to her kids.

The Duchess of Cambridge was supposed to join the Duke of Cambridge at the Tusk Conservation Awards. However, Prince William was forced to go solo to the glitzy awards ceremony as Middleton had to stay at home and look after their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

According to Daily Mail, one of Prince William and Middleton’s kids was not feeling well. The royal mother of three felt the need to stay with them as no one else could step in. Some royal fans were not happy with Middleton’s choice and criticized the duchess even calling her “lazy.”

“I thought Katherine was supposed to be reclaiming the spotlights now that Meghan is away, no?” one wrote with laughing emoji.

“Now that Meghan is on leave, she can't be bothered about pretending to be a hard worker. Meghan isn't there to show how little unable actually does,” a different netizen commented.

Meanwhile, some netizens believed that if it was Meghan Markle who did it, the Duchess of Sussex would be criticized for doing so.

“If it wereMeghan,she wld be asked 2 give up her title if she can’t perform her duty.The taxpayers r not getting their money’s worth coz they r providing 4 her lavish lifestyle.She is disrespectful/unroyal 4 canceling.But since it’s St. Kate it’s ok,she’s just being a good mother,” the social media user wrote.

Markle and Middleton have been pitted against each other. Prince Harry’s wife is very active when it comes to her royal duties which makes some royal fans realize that the Middleton is doing so little. Earlier this year, some said that they were disappointed with Prince William’s wife because she did not improve eight years after joining the royal family.

However, some royal correspondents believed otherwise. For Richard Fitzwilliams, this year has been “extremely good” for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. He added that Prince William and Middleton are Queen Elizabeth II’s saving grace amid the monarch’s “annus horribilis 2.”

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton visits The Foundling Museum on March 19, 2019 in London. Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland