Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton arrives to launch a new national support line at the charity Family Action on Jan. 22, 2019 in Lewisham, England.  Getty Images/Adrian Dennis

Kate Middleton is well liked, but some realized that they no longer like the duchess when Meghan Markle arrived and joined the royal family due to her work ethics.

In this forum, one netizen asked what are the qualities that the people like and dislike about the Duchess of Cambridge. A number gave positive responses, citing Middleton being an excellent mom and devoted wife among the reasons they like her.

In addition, the duchess is friendly, down to earth, beautiful and elegant. Another said that her reason might be superficial, but she likes Middleton because Prince William’s wife wears pantyhose most of the time and she’s a pantyhose lover.

Meanwhile, a number of netizens couldn’t help but compare Middleton to her sister-in-law, Markle. Some even said that they like the Duchess of Cambridge until the Duchess of Sussex joined the royal family.

“I adored her until Meghan came along, with a great work ethic and a person who did charitable work before joining the royal family. Now I feel like Kate could do more,” Deanna Eppers, a self-confessed ardent follower of the British royal family, wrote.

“All I know is that I loved Kate and could find nothing wrong with her until Meghan entered,” she continued.

According to Eppers, Middleton is intelligent, has a natural athletic ability, model-like beauty, a terrific mom and has the perseverance. However, after seeing Markle’s hard work she felt that Middleton had achieved less in terms of her royal duties and stressed that “work has to fit in somehow.”

Jen Burns called the Duchess of Cambridge “lazy, entitled and spoilt.” For her, Middleton likes the privileged life she has but doesn’t understand its accompanying responsibility. Meanwhile, she pointed out Markle’s good understanding of service.

Earlier this year, another netizen expressed her disappointment toward Middleton due to the duchess’ lack of improvement. According to Sasha, Prince William’s wife is not at the level she expected her to be after joining the royal family for eight years. Middleton seemed to have been stuck at year one.

Another said that Middleton had nothing to show after eight years. A different user tagged Middleton as “duchess do little.” Meanwhile, some stressed that Markle has achieved so much in less than a year after joining the royal family. In fact, just a few months after marrying Prince Harry, she launched a community cookbook.

In related news, Middleton has a set of rules to follow for her future role. The Duchess of Cambridge is set to be a queen consort when her husband Prince William takes over the throne.