Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are moving out of the U.K. temporarily.

According to Rebecca English, Daily Mail’s royal correspondent, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be spending six months in Africa to ease the tension involving them and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. There have been rumors of their deepening rift following the formal division of their household.

Aside from this, the move will be an opportunity for Prince Harry and Markle to build their Sussex brand and fulfill the royal’s dream of a secondment to Africa. Prince Harry has always wanted to do a foreign sabbatical for many years to focus on education and environment issues.

Although it is very likely for Prince Harry and Markle to move to Africa, it’s “highly unlikely” that the couple will stay there for good.  A long-term foreign posting is unlikely, but the couple’s stay there will be something along the lines of an extended royal visit.

Former butler Grant Harrold shared the same opinion. According to him, it’s “highly unlikely” for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to move out there permanently. However, he recognized Prince Harry’s huge involvement in the country including his charity.

“But I think to actually move there permanently, I think, is highly unlikely,” Grant said. “But royals in the past have gone and moved to other countries. It has happened in the past. But I just think on this occasion, I don’t see it being a permanent thing.”

Harrold added that it would be horrifying for the British public to see Prince Harry and Markle leaving the country and then moving out to Africa. The decision is not likely to be made until 2020.

In related news, radio host Mike Graham criticized Prince Harry for being a “freelance charity merchant.” He praised Prince Harry’s served time in Afghanistan but couldn’t understand his decision to do a TV show with Oprah Winfrey to highlight mental health. For him, none of what Prince Harry does has to do with his role in the royal family.

According to Graham, Prince Harry can be a philanthropist, but he should not expect the public to fund it. A number of netizens agreed and slammed Prince William’s brother calling him “pain,” “a joke” and a “puppet” after marrying Markle.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton’s fans were enraged with Prince Harry’s project with Oprah because it was too similar to the Duchess of Cambridge’s Head Together campaign. They accused Markle of stealing the mental health program from Middleton.