Kate Middleton’s fashion has changed.

Royal fans have noticed that the way the Duchess of Cambridge dressed herself has changed since she joined the royal family. Just like any students from a university, Middleton was photographed wearing shorts, sleeveless and skinny jeans. However, after marrying Prince William, the duchess has learned to dress herself in a way that is appropriate for a royal. 

A clip of how the duchess dressed herself before she married the future king was shared on Instagram. In the short video, one can see how Middleton used to dress herself before and now that she’s a member of The Firm.

“The hemlines got longer and the necklines got higher lol. But she's still. Beautiful person. No matter what she wears,” one netizen commented.

“Kate is so different now,” another online user opined.

Meanwhile, another netizen wondered why there were videos of Middleton before she married Prince William and when she was still not a royal. The online user said that he’s confused why the media had been following the duchess even before she dated Prince Harry’s brother.

One said that the press didn’t film Middleton before she dated Prince William. However, when the media learned that she was the future king’s girlfriend they started following her especially during their university days.

“The media hounded her just Iike they hounded Princess Diana and currently Duchess Meghan,” another online user opined.

Although Middleton’s fashion has greatly improved, there were times when she also committed fashion faux pas. Among those moments was when the royal mom of three’s skirt went up at India Gate. However, the duchess handled it with grace despite the embarrassment that came with those Marilyn Monroe moment.

Just like Middleton, her sister-in-law Meghan Markle has been praised for her fashion choices. However, the Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion styles have distinct differences.

Middleton loves to wear bold colorful outfits. The future queen consort also prefers to sport printed outfits with conservative style. On the other hand, Markle usually opts for neutral shades outfits. She doesn’t wear printed dresses like Middleton and usually goes for modern styles.