Prince Harry is a gentleman unlike Prince William.

A photo of the Duke of Sussex helping his wife Meghan Markle was shared on Instagram. In the snap, the sixth in line to the throne looks serious as he assists the Duchess of Sussex in taking off or putting on her blazer.

“He’s the perfect husband,” the caption read.

The photo prompted some royal fans to praise the duke for always being there for his wife. A royal fan said that Prince Harry is wonderful. Another commented that the Sussexes are beautiful.

“Absolutely perfect and a gentleman,” one fan wrote.

“A gentleman lucky girl,” another online user commented.

While Prince Harry has been praised for being a gentleman, his older brother Prince William was slammed for failing to be one. Earlier this week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kicked off their Pakistan tour where they attended an evening reception. The future king and queen consort arrived in the traditional rickshaw.

Prince William climbed down the vehicle and waited for Middleton to join him after the duchess depart from the other side of the car.

The royal fans were disappointed that Prince William did not help his wife. According to them, Prince William was not a gentleman because he didn’t open the car door for Middleton.

“A real Prince always opens the door for his Princess no matter if it’s a rickshaw door or a car door,” a royal follower wrote on Twitter.

This wasn’t the first time the royal princes were compared in terms of how they treat their wives. A clip taken during Prince William and Prince Harry’s wedding was also shared online showing how they treated their brides differently.

The first part of clip shows how Prince Harry remains standing in the carriage as he assists Markle to climb up. He lets Markle settle down and sits beside her.

On the other hand, Prince William immediately sits down after climbing the carriage. He helps Middleton by holding her bouquet. However, he just looked at his bride and failed to help her climb the carriage leaving Middleton on her own as she figured out how she would make her way up.

Netizens commented on the clip saying that Prince Harry is a true gentleman while Prince William lacks manners. Another fan found the clip shocking because he expected impeccable manners from Prince William who is the future king.