Kate Middleton talks to children
Kate Middleton talks to children Reuters

Kate Middleton's Handwriting revealed a natural aptitude for academia. After an eminent graphologist analyzed Kate Middleton's Handwriting, it was concluded that Middleton would have made an excellent teacher, if she wasn’t a princess.

Elaine Quigley, the former chairman of the British Institute for Graphologist, had studied a letter, which Kate wrote one year ago when she wasn’t yet a member of royal family.

Quigley said, “The flow of Kate’s script with rightward slant and joined letters shows a writer who reaches out toward others”. According to her, the letters written by Kate have also shown her personality as punctuality, openness, patience, intelligence and efficiency, which “indicates a natural aptitude for academia.” Those merits can help her to be a school teacher. The Daily Mail even said Kate might have missed her calling from God to be a teacher.

During William and Kate's North American tour, Middleton was a hit with North Americans. One could say that even the shining stars in Hollywood can’t compare with her. Quigley said the result is well-reasoned, because Kate’s letters revealed that she had a inherent ability to communicate with various people with no difficulty.

“Looking at the writing itself, with the close line-spacing, it would seem that once she has embarked upon a social activity, she gives it her full commitment,” said Quigley. “She has a sense of justice and also of responsibility to those who need her support and she really does enjoy meeting people.”