Kate Middleton and Prince William's families are fighting over Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Life & Style magazine reported. According to the report, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are caught up in a new “family war.”

"Kate Middleton’s mom and Prince William’s dad go head-to-head in a bizarre battle over their grandchildren,” the report said, citing a source. “Though the royals seem to have a fairy-tale life, behind the scenes a war has broken out between the Middleton family and William’s parents,” the report stated, adding: “With hurt feelings on both sides, an estrangement is growing — and Kate is caught in the middle.”

The report said that Middleton's mother Carole has been bonding with her grandchildren, which is making Prince Charles "jealous."

Prince Charles and wife Camilla Parker Bowles “feel excluded from Charlotte and George’s lives. Prince Charles is furious about it," the source said.

The alleged trouble between the two families has involved Middleton and William in it, the report said.

“William hates drama so he asked Kate to speak to her mother,” the source said. “Everyone hopes they can put this rift behind them for the sake of the kids… The last thing [Kate] wants is for the war to escalate.”

However, Gossip Cop debunked the report saying that there is no feud between the two families.

This is not the first time rumors about a royal feud have surfaced. Earlier, reports surfaced about a feud between Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II. Earlier this year, Life & Style magazine reported that Prince William’s grandmother was “angry” with Middleton's “out-of-control diva” attitude. However, this report was also debunked by Gossip Cop at the time.