Queen Elizabeth II got Kate Middleton’s back.

The Duchess of Cambridge will be having a big moment next week at the Chelsea Flower Show. Middleton designed a garden for the event and it will be showcased on Monday.

According to Hello!, Queen Elizabeth II will be there to support the big reveal. Her Majesty will attend the first day of the annual flower show along with several other members of the royal family.

The Queen will view the RHS Back to Nature Garden that Prince William’s wife co-designed with the Royal Horticultural Society and award-winning landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White.

Middleton, Davies and White’s work is designed to suit all ages. It has child-friendly touches including a tree house. It also features a swing seat, a campfire and a rustic den similar to what Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis use in the grounds of Anmer Hall.

Just like Middleton, Meghan Markle is also reportedly designing a garden for charity Camfed. The Duchess of Sussex’s art features a breeze-block school house surrounded by crops including peanuts and okra.

However, an insider claimed that Kensington Palace intervened to stop Prince Harry and Markle’s glamour from eclipsing Middleton’s pride and joy. The charity was told not to use any photographs of Prince Harry surrounded by young Zimbabwean alumni to publicize its garden.

“It’s because the Duchess of Cambridge is co-designing a garden, so . . . we can’t use the photo. The palace is worried about mixed messaging,” a source at Camfed said.

Queen Elizabeth II and Middleton have a close relationship. However, they are not often seen together.

Earlier this year, the Queen and Duchess of Cambridge made their first joint outing after seven years. The duo arrived in the same vehicle and was even spotted sharing a blanket. They were first seen in a joint engagement in 2012 with Prince William.

Based on their photos over the years, Queen Elizabeth II and Middleton have become allies. The Duchess of Cambridge is also reportedly confident whenever she speaks with the Queen.

Her Majesty is also very fond of Middleton’s values. The Queen likes the duchess’ “middle-class values” and the fact that she’s very close to her family. Just like Middleton, the Queen is dedicated to her family.

Also, the royal mom of three “never tried to garner extra attention for herself.” There is nothing “flashy or showy” in Middleton.