Kate Middleton reportedly had a shocking observation about one of Prince William’s ex-girlfriends.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had an on-again, off-again relationship during their almost 10 years of courtship. Prince William had a short-lived romance with Jecca Craig, whom Middleton reportedly found to have similar features as her but “raunchier.”

According to a report, Middleton couldn’t believe her eyes when she first met Prince William’s old flame and told a friend about her observations. “She looks just like me,” Middleton reportedly told a friend. “But a bit sort of raunchier.”

Prince William reportedly snubbed Middleton on his 21st birthday party for Jecca in 2003. The prince held his birthday bash at Windsor Castle where Middleton was “barely registering” on Prince William’s radar because his eyes were glued on the another “pretty” woman and that was Jecca.

Prince William reportedly had a crush on Jecca since their first encounter when they met in 1998 during a holiday in Kenya. Jecca was very attractive with long blonde hair, deep blue eyes and gazelle-like legs.

According to Katie Nicholl, during Prince William’s birthday, Middleton lost her place because it was Jecca who had the pride of place next to the future king at the head table. 

Although Jecca and Prince William’s romance was short, they remained friends. In fact, Prince William skipped his cousin Peter Phillips wedding to attend the nuptials of Jecca’s brother.

However, when Prince William told Middleton in 2010 that he wanted to fly to Africa to support Jecca’s charity, the duchess didn’t agree. Middleton banned Prince William from seeing his ex-girlfriend. According to an insider, Middleton had a reason to worry because Jecca was a “knockout.”

In related news, Prince William and Middleton’s courtship took almost a decade because the duke didn’t want to pressure himself into marrying Middleton. He wanted to take his time.

Middleton’s family played an important role in helping Prince William realized that Middleton was the lifetime partner he was looking for. He fell in love with Middleton and his family. The duke came from a broken family and he loved what he saw in Middleton’s home. 

He also loved Middleton’s tight bond to her siblings. Prince William had a great relationship with his in-laws Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton even before he proposed to the duchess.