Kate Middleton reportedly stopped seeing her friends when she started dating Prince William, just like Meghan Markle apparently did when she got into a relationship with Prince Harry.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had an on-again, off-again relationship during their decade-long courtship. In 2007, they parted ways briefly, and Middleton’s friends were pleased that they did, according to Andrew Morton in his 2011 book “William and Catherine.”

“In April 2007, when Clarence House unofficially let the world know that the romance between Willam and Kate had run its course, few of her friends shed a tear. The prevailing reaction for most of them was: ‘Thank goodness that’s over,” Morton wrote.

“For years they had watched helplessly as Kate, whose university dissertation had been on Lewis Carroll, had gradually disappeared down the royal rabbit hole into the Windsor wonderland, leaving her friends out in the cold,” he continued.

One of Middleton’s friends confessed to Morton that while dating Prince William, the duchess had upset a lot of her friends because she no longer had time to see them.

“During her time with William she upset a lot of friends by not making the effort to see them,” the insider said.

Prior to Prince Harry and Markle’s royal wedding, there were also reports claiming that the Duchess of Sussex cut ties with her friends. An insider revealed that as Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry got serious she became distant to some of her pals.

“Meghan is sociable but her life has changed and certain friendships can't go on,” the source said.

Fortunately for Markle, Prince Harry has always prioritized her. In fact, instead of her adjusting to fit into the royal family, the Duke of Sussex is the one who follows her lead.

On the other hand, Prince William wasn’t a perfect boyfriend to Middleton. According to Morton, there was reportedly a time when Middleton felt like she was a servant and not a girlfriend to the prince.

The second in line to the throne was obstinate and strong-willed that he could be an overwhelming presence to Middleton. Also, sometimes he ignored her in conversation with someone as if she wasn’t there.

At present, Prince William and Middleton were plagued with cheating rumors but there were no signs of a strained marriage whenever they were together. Just recently, they were photographed at Buckingham Garden party and their snap made rounds online because it gave royals fans the “dance musical” vibe.