When Kate Middleton showed up in an Islington primary school last week dressed down in jeans and a sweater, the children were baffled saying, She doesn't look like a princess and asking, where is her dress?

The Duchess of Cambridge paid an informal private visit to the Robert Blair primary school to find out more about the art therapy charity based there. But after the meeting she was greeted by a car park full of children who were shocked by her attire, the Daily Mail reported. Some of the younger children didn't even believe it was the same princess they had seen on television.

Kate Middleton has been revered as a fashion icon since her wedding day when she appeared in front of billions of people wearing a dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

In recent visits to charity organizations the duchess' outfits have been covered as much, if not more, than the visits themselves. Her wardrobe has been followed so closely that earlier this month Middleton topped British Harper's Bazaar's best-dressed list.

It is therefore no surprise that the children at Robert Blair were so shocked to see the dressed down Duchess and question her royal credentials as a result.

One of the mothers at the school told the Daily Mail that she had received a text message from the school informing her of the Duchess' visit.  All the children waited for her outside in the car park they got to wave at her. We were told there were nine students in the Art Room who got to meet her. The children sais she was pretty and some of the older children noticed that she looked skinnier than she did in the photos.

The Art Room is a pioneering charity based at Oxford Spires Academy aimed at 5 - 16 year olds who are experiencing difficulties at school. The charity works with the children to increase their self-esteem, self-confidence and independence through art.  Many of the children are disengaged from mainstream education, disruptive or withdrawn and all have been identified as needing special time away from their school. Some of the students have specific learning difficulties or have had an interrupted education. Some have recently arrived in this country while others are prime careers within their family.

Middleton, who graduated from the University of St.Andrews with an Art History degree, has been interested in the charity for sometime. Although the duchess has not confirmed which patronages she will be working with, she has shown great interest in working with the Art Room according to a Royal Spokesperson, the Daily Mail reported.