Kate Middleton enjoyed 2018 based on her photos.

On Wednesday, the Duchess of Cambridge is turning 37th years old. Last year, the royal mom of three took a six-month maternity leave, but there were a few moments where she visibly appeared to have the best time of her life. To celebrate Middleton’s birthday, here’s a list of the royal mom of three in her best moments in 2018 where she couldn’t stop giggling.

Bandy hockey at Stockholm’s Vasaparken Park

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started their royal duties in 2018 with an official visit to Norway and Sweden. The couple stopped for a round of bandy hockey at Stockholm’s Vasaparken park and competed against each other in a shootout.

Middleton had a great time on the said outing based on the photos below. According to Anna Widing, a 29-year-old international bandy player, Prince William and Middleton liked to beat each other.

In the following snaps, Middleton can be seen enjoying the snow. She couldn’t stop giggling as she enjoyed the game with her husband, Prince William.

Painting in London

When Middleton returned to her royal duties after delivering Prince Louis, she joined the Duke of Cambridge at the First Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London. Both tried their hand in one painting and they obviously enjoyed it.

Colombian fine artist Dario Vargas invited them to contribute to the painting he created. When Middleton picked the brush and added paint on the canvass. When Prince William saw her art, the Duke of Cambridge joked that it only "ruined the picture." Both laughed as shown below.

Christmas Party for RAF

Last December, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted two Christmas parties for RAF families in London and Cyprus. The couple planned the event to support the military personnel who would be deployed during the festive period. They hosted the celebration and enjoyed it too.

In the photos below, Prince William and Middleton arrived with huge smiles on their faces. In another snap, Middleton can be seen grinning.

What’s your favorite event that Middleton attended in 2018? Share it in the comment section below.

Kate Middleton Kate Middleton couldn’t stop giggling in these events she attended in 2018. Pictured: Middleton shares a laugh with clients whilst taking part in an arts and craft session, during their visit to Evelina London Children's Hospital on Dec. 11, 2018 in London. Photo: Getty Images/Yui Mok