Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle’s father doesn’t believe that his daughter made Kate Middleton cry but urged her to end the rumored rift. Pictured: Prince William, Middleton, Markle and Prince Harry speak with Britain's Prince Charles, Prince of Wales as they depart after the Royal Family's traditional Christmas Day service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk, eastern England, on Dec. 25, 2018. Getty Images/Paul Ellis

Meghan Markle’s father doesn’t believe that his daughter made Kate Middleton cry.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex are rumored to be feuding. At one point, an insider revealed that Markle made Middleton cry during Princess Charlotte’s dress fitting ahead of her royal wedding to Prince Harry. Thomas Markle Sr. wasn’t convinced about this report.

“I’m not buying that she made Kate cry,” Thomas Sr. told the Sun. “First off, I think Kate is a stronger woman than that.”

According to Markle’s father, that is very unlikely as Middleton is in a stronger power position than his daughter. In addition, he considers Middleton the hero mother and couldn’t imagine the Duchess of Cambridge to be that weak.

To prove his point, Thomas Sr. mentioned how Middleton walked out of the hospital on the same day she delivered her babies. He also believed that Middleton is not afraid of anyone.

Although he is not convinced about Markle making Middleton cry, Thomas urged his daughter to end their rift if there is really a problem between them. “If there is any animosity between Meghan and Kate they should put their differences aside,” he added.

Thomas confessed that he is upset about the criticism that the Duchess of Sussex received from the bashers. He doesn’t think that his daughter deserves it and he believes that Markle hasn’t done most of the accusations against her.

Markle's father has continuously defended Meghan from her critics despite the fact that the duchess hasn’t talked to him for months. According to Markle’s dad, he had tried to contact his daughter several times but to no avail. He even wrote a two-page letter and sent it to the pregnant royal via her representative in Los Angeles.

Thomas Sr. was so desperate to hear from his daughter that he threw shade at his son-in-law in his letter to Markle. He pointed out how Prince Harry misbehaved in public. Thomas Sr. felt that he is much better because he never played pool naked or dressed up as a Nazi. But Markle didn’t reply.

Markle’s half-sister, Samantha, has been urging her to talk to their dad before it’s too late. Last Christmas, Samantha attacked her royal sister again for continuing to ignore their father. In a post on Twitter, she hinted at Markle's pitiless attitude, saying that even “the Grinch grew a heart.”