Kate Middleton’s severe morning sickness has a solution.

The Duchess of Cambridge suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum in her three pregnancies. She was forced to take a bed rest and as a result had to cancel some of her engagements.

A pregnant mom suffering from the same condition shared a solution on how she dealt with it. According to Sammy Warnes, 30, she turned to marijuana to ease her condition because the strong medications her doctor recommended did not work.

Warnes said that her doctor advised her to do random movements, but it only made her panic. She was also prescribed with Domperidone to relieve nausea and vomiting, but it only worked temporarily. On her second pregnancy, her condition got worse that she considered a termination.

“This time round has been ten times worse, I’ve had to give my job up because I just couldn’t do anything. The same thing happened, this time the sickness was ten times worse and I was considering having a termination,” she confessed.

However, she discovered cannabis and according to her puffing it helped her big time.

“With just two puffs I’m able to be a parent to my daughter. I only do it a few times a week. People will say ‘Oh she just wants to be a druggie’ but it’s not that at all, I don’t get high off it. It’s a couple of puffs with a minimum bit of baccy.”

Warnes said that she made her own research and learned about pregnant moms using marijuana to stop their morning sickness. She was so desperate, so she tried it and it worked for her. However, she stressed that she only used it for medication and she was not abusing it.

According to an expert, Middleton’s condition, hyperemesis gravidarum, is “a thousand times worse than morning sickness.” It can also be life-threatening. Dr. Marlena Fejzo also suffered the same. Unfortunately, her baby died at 15 weeks. After that she devoted her life to research about the condition.

Middleton missed Princes George’s first day of school due to hyperemesis gravidarum. She was expecting Prince Louis when Prince George made his first day at Thomas’s Battersea in London. The duchess only watched his son from the news at home because she was strictly on bed rest.