"Kate Plus 8"
"Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10" aired on Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on TLC. TLC/Kate Plus 8

Just one week after the world caught up with the Gosselin gang, “Kate Plus 8” returned to TLC on Thursday night to air Part 2 of its two-part special about the family. Following the last episode’s storyline, which featured Kate Gosselin, 39, and her attempts to plan her sextuplets' (Aaden, Leah, Collin, Joel, Alexis and Hannah) 10th birthday party with the help of her twins, Mady and Cara, 13, this installment showcased the big carnival bash.

For those who didn’t tune in Thursday night, or for those who simply want to relive the reality-TV drama, here is a roundup of the top five moments from Part 2 of "Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10”:

Fashion advice

Prior to the sextuplets 10th birthday bash, Kate allowed each of her six youngest to pick an outfit of their chosing to wear to their celebration. While the kids appeared to enjoy their shopping outing, twins Cady and Mara were not as thrilled, and Mady called the little girls’ fashion choices ugly at every turn.

“They can’t dress themselves to save their lives” Mady said of her younger siblings. Leah, 10, admitted that the teen's negativity ultimately lengthened the shopping excursion. “It took me a long time to pick something out because Mady kept saying everything was ugly,” Leah said.

Mady later said she gave her fashion advice to her siblings because, “No one was there for me to say, ‘Oh, that’s ugly, don’t wear that,’ and so I wore ugly stuff. You’re going to look back and be like, ‘That’s really ugly. Why did I wear that?’ And then you’re gonna be like, ‘Mady, why didn’t you help me’? And I’m gonna be like, ‘I tried.’ You went and made your own ugly decisions.”

Collin’s girlfriend

He may only 10, but Collin is already a ladies' man. When questioned about his tendency to gravitate toward dress shirts and ties, Joel dished that his sibling dresses up at school to impress women. “On dress down days, he needs to be fancy for his girlfriend,” Joel said. “I insist on doing that,” Collin responded.

While Collin may already be head over heels, his crushes' feelings may not be mutual. “One time at recess she was petting his hair,” said Aaden. “She pets a lot of people’s hair,” added Joel. Collin’s response? “You boys are taking this way over the edge!”

Swimming pool scramble

Not only was the Gosselin clan confronted by a major hail storm prior to their party, strong winds also halted their attempts at prepping for the big day. While they painted signs to use for the carnival’s games, a strong wind appeared, sweeping a majority of their party supplies into the air, and ultimately, into the Gosselin’s swimming pool.

“Like, some crazy wind that I have never seen,” Kate said of the extreme weather. “Everything blew into the pool!”

While youngster Alexis found the incident humorous, calling the flying supplies a “word scramble,” Kate did not seem so amused. “In our lives its just always, just hang around, because the real drama happens,” she said, exasperated.

The early bird gets the... cake?

Kate’s best efforts to make her kids a homemade birthday cake did not go as planned. “No, you can’t come over here!” Kate barked at the family’s pet bird Zorro while icing her creation. Despite her orders, Zorro didn’t listen, soon after flying and landing directly onto her masterpiece.

“He has never flown onto food and he flew onto that cake and not only did he fly onto that cake he took two prompt nibbles out of it,” Kate said, who began sobbing after the cake was deemed unusable.

“This was my cake!” Kate cried to the bird while cleaning his icing-covered tallons. “You can’t be on my cake!”

Fortunately for the mom of eight, she was able to secure a professional cake (in the shape of a circus tent) the day of the celebration. “That is consider a miracle in my book. A carnival miracle,” Kate said.

Effie Trinket wannabe

Kate’s pink clown wig had “Hunger Games” fans doing a double-take during Thursday’s night’s special. While the reality-TV mom’s goal was to dress like a clown for the occasion, the pink getup looked more than the apocalyptic film series’ character, Effie Trinket, made famous by actress Elizabeth Banks.

“May the odds be ever in your favor,” Gosselin said, imitating Banks’ character’s famous expression. “That’s what I look like!” Kate added, laughing.

While Kate may have had a blast dressing up for the party, her kids were not as amused. “Never do that again,” requested Mady. “It’s not really her best look,” added Aaden.