While the Alabama Crimson Tide took home the AFCA National Championship Trophy in Monday night’s BCS win over Notre Dame, AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, has become an overnight celebrity as a result of the ESPN broadcast.

During Alabama’s domination over the Fighting Irish, ESPN, at one point in the game, focused on Webb, 23, who was wearing McCarron's No. 10 jersey.

As cameras panned to the Miss Alabama USA 2012 winner and Auburn University alum, ESPN commentators Brent Musburger and former Ohio State QB Kirk Herbstreit shifted their focus from the game to Webb’s stunning looks.

"You quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women," Musburger said. "What a beautiful woman."

"Wow!" Herbstreit uttered.

"Whoa," Musburger replied.

From that point, a social media frenzy bombarded the Internet, with Webb claiming her own keywords. The model told Yahoo Sports that she began gaining scores of Twitter followers and noticed her phone wouldn't stop vibrating with incoming texts and emails.

"My phone is dead," she told Yahoo Sports, seeming a bit stunned at it all. "My followers went from 2,300 this morning to 96,000 by the end of the night. I don't know if I should even check now, I don't know what is going on."

Webb, who finished in sixth place at the Miss USA pageant, laughed at the fuss over her.

"I guess [Musburger] said something but I don't know what it was because I haven't seen it."

As of Tuesday morning, Webb had claimed 123,102 Twitter followers , including NBA player LeBron James (who later unfollowed her).

“Wait, LeBron James, is following her? No way," McCarron said, commenting on his girlfriend’s new-found popularity.

"Maaaan, I'm gonna tweet him and I'm gonna get a follow. That's messed up. Hey, I guess she's more famous than me," he added.